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new track featuring Bugbrand Modular
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Author new track featuring Bugbrand Modular
from our new EP, the Chasms "Vs Dandelion Radio"

any opinions / comments would be great

it features two vco's, vca, couple of eg's, one delay, joystick, touchplates and most strongly the new bugcrusher module
Noice! When will the rest of it be released?
Great stuff........Sounds like Sonic Youth at times.

thank you, thank you, thank's your reward.

I like it a lot.
you know I'm hooked! G r e a t !
I love this track! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the EP.
kent - you can download an mp3 zip of the EP (and also our first album released earlier this year) at

usually we record everything live together and add occasional overdubs but for lonesome mercury the drummer & bassplayer recorded the drum part on a custom drumbox utilising tweaked circuits from old organ drum units, then I recorded the guitar and modular tracks after. everything on this track was recorded through these amps D=389530228&albumID=1598618&imageID=24517741 to condensor mics in the barn.

the bugbrand modular also features heavily on two of the tracks from the 1st album (on the 1st one it starts around 3:30 or thereabouts)'t_walk.mp3

jenamu6 - yeah we're big sonic youth fans (especially sister/evol period) along with PIL, Neu!, MBV

KNYST & Cebec - cheers for the support
This is real nice!
Nice work.
The speech and guitar feedback mix well with the synth.
Great -- I know I'd listened to a few before, but I've now grabbed the two full EP/Albums to put on my MP3 player -- will play them loud at the workshop!

The amp setup looks fantastic! Blood red sounds..
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