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Author Filtrex2
Paradigm X

This thing is stunning, again.

Anyway, will you be getting in more PCBs when theyre sold out? Trying to juggle finances.

I really want to try a monosynth as we had discussed previously.

Cheers, Ben
Thanks Ben.

I have five boards left. They don't sell that quickly so I tend to just order when I have the spare funds. With the Filtrex it's usually better to order when I've got stock otherwise you could be waiting a while.

Personally, for a quick monosynth, you'd be better off with a TM3030. But, if not then S-VCO, COTA, ADSR/VCA and VRG would do. All powered with a R-PSU.

Paradigm X
Thanks Tony.

Well, ive actually sold my filtrex now (blasphemy!) so will order as soon as I get the money !

Thanks for the advice. I may try that as a second option. But i absolutely love the filtrex as an overall unit, and the idea of a Filtrex+ (with a synth) would be mint. Ive got 2 x0xb0xes already, so although i will give it a go at some point, Im less keen on teh tm3030 at the moment.

So what i was thinking was a 2u rack, as you mentioned a while back, so i can use it as a filter as well as a synth, with some clever switching.

Another reason is I got a panel off the beast originally, which was great but had black infill. Ive since got a few modular panels off him recently with a purple infill, which looks awesome, so im going to be able to make it match.

I know its a bit petty, but there you go.

Ill email you tomorrow hopefully !

Rockin' Banana!
Buy one now before I buy them all up.

I really enjoyed building the Filtrex 2, well enjoyed the version 1 as well.

thumbs up

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