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2nd August: KOMA Fix-It Day @ KOMA Elektronik HQ
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Author 2nd August: KOMA Fix-It Day @ KOMA Elektronik HQ
Newsflash: On August 2nd we organize the first KOMA Elektronik in-office FIX-IT day. We'll try to fix your broken gear as good as we can while you play with synths and and drink beer.... How about that?

The KOMA Elektronik FIX-IT day counts for all kinds of musical equipment of all brands: pedals, synths etc. etc. When you wanna drop by on the fix-it day, please shoot us an email at in which you describe your gear problem, this so we can assess the time it will take and the materials needed... We can only accept projects of people who come by our workspace personally!
How did the fix it day go?

I thought this was such a cool concept. Sad to see there was no buzz here.
dan_k, thanks!

It went very well... Around 30ish people came by our space and we were able to fix 8 out of 10 machines! Some things were small, like wobbly dc jacks, others bigger with broken capacitors and severely crackely pots. Of course there was also a lot of dust, luckily have a compressor in our workspace ;-). Some things work on such old IC's or are so incredibly complex that it is impossible to do on one day, but as a true ER we patched up most of the patients. It was also nice that many people just came to hang out, talk with other musicians, have a beer and wiggle a bit with the machines we make, patch up their own stuff. We should have linked the pics here a long time ago already, so here we go:

photos via thefacebook: 86429068063003&type=3

W are currently planning a new Fix It Day, which will most probably be in the end of November, more about this soon on this forum as well!
Excellent, glad to hear you had a good turnout and were able to for fix most people's stuff.

Seems like a really great event for your community. Guinness ftw!
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