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Pan tremelo
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Author Pan tremelo
Tony, do you do a module that will do pan/ tremelo?
Like the old boss pn2 pedal.

the pedal I was going to use requires quite a bit of modification so would be easier to build one from scratch.

thanks Paul
The 5U Classic VCA and Dual-VCA modules will do panning. You'll need a LFO of some sort to modulate them though.

So could I tap out of the filtrex with its lfo to drive the vca module?

the dual vca isn't ideal as I really wanted independent lfo rates on the filtrex and on the pan module though. The power supply is going to be reaching its max capacity too if I use the dual VCA, an additional lfo module would exceed my motm power supply.

Will I get a similar signal routing with this modules ie; mono to stereo or stereo to stereo? like the boss pn2 pedal? I bought a behringer pn2 copy but the components they use make it difficult to modify.

I was going to hard wire the mono signal in and have a channel 2 input to the other input.

I was going to use my filtrex 1 as the input 2.
I tapped out of the trigger section on the filtrex 1 so I can control filt 2 making a semi stereo unit with what I've already got.

If I can't do anything with the pedal Ive got, then the vca may be the way to go.

Thanks Paul
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