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Pre-order list for Frac Sound of Shadows delay module
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Author Pre-order list for Frac Sound of Shadows delay module
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Fellow Frackers:

Shawn Cleary at Analog Haven has graciously offered to start a pre-order list for Flight of Harmony's Sound of Shadows delay module. Flight Of Harmony says that if we can amass 30 pre-orders, he will do a run of them in Frac format. Flight's estimated price is VERY reasonable... and I'll post it here if he's cool with that.

I need not remind you that the Time Machine and Bugbrand delay are the only Frac delay modules and both are difficult to obtain. I haven't had the chance to play with the Bugbrand, but judging from demos the SoS is quite different from the Time Machine.

You can hear some demos here:

Read more about it here:

Email Shawn and let him know... and remember: why buy 1, when you can buy 2 for twice the price?

headbang Flight Of Harmony headbang
no more room i tellya! smile
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OK Flight posted over in the FoH forum: price is VERY TENTATIVELY forecast at about $170.

i'm more likely to go for a barebones kit i'm afraid. (i'm fucking broke!)

sorry to let the frac down!
dare to dream
Shawn at AH says that it is unlikely the frac Sound of Shadows will fly due to lack of interest. Only 5 have been pre-ordered out of the 30 necessary for Flight to do a run. It's awkward to encourage folks to activate interest in this as in "it would be nice to see this module in frac" but I suppose it's necessary. There aren't any other delays in frac except for Bug's and his are quite difficult to acquire. If you're leaning towards wanting an SoS take the plunge and contact Shawn. Thanks and happy T-Day.
Hmmm, ok... I will bite.

I wanted one really bad, but no room in the euro setup...

I placed my pre-order email just now. I've been forgetting to email Shawn for quite some time. Probably won't happen, but at least I tried.

Also, we should consolidate the two threads or choose one to stick with. It's spread a bit thin between this thread and the flight sub-forum thread.
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