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FoH is restructuring...
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Author FoH is restructuring...
computer controlled
I know Kev has been very quiet as of late, but he's also been busy getting affairs in order. More to come...

Flight of harmony is undergoing some changes to meet the demands of the market. Foxtone Music will be taking over both manufacturing and distribution of flight of harmony products. If you have interest in becoming a dealer of our products, please contact Foxtone Music.

These structural changes will allow us to focus on what we do best – designing innovative products that grant you access to strange and fantastic new sounds. We’ve been hard at work converting everything over to the new process and hope to be rolling again later this year.

Sorry for the wait,

After a long professional relationship and many conversations, Kevin and I have decided he needs to get back to making brilliant designs and can't be stuck behind a soldering iron manufacturing already existing modules. Although there will be minor price increases, the end result will still be some of the best and most unique AMERICAN MADE modules for the money. They will be made by a boutique synth manufacturer who holds ethics and quality at the top of their list.

So as not to confuse anybody, Foxtone is merely coordinating all of the production and distribution to the dealers around the world. You can still get them at your favorite synth shop. And if they don't carry FOH be sure to request that they do!

We are about to start production on the PLAGUE BEARER and then the CHOICES modules over the next couple of months. ....with new innovative modules to follow! BareBones production is currently being suspended while we concentrate on getting built versions in front of people and in their racks.

Good things to come
-eric and the gang[/i]
Woot woot

Good to hear!
And you know, there are awesome contract manufacturers in the Twin Cities metro that can build these for you! wink wink
I know of a really good one too! wink wink
I also know a person who works at that particular place and would love to see a Sound of Shadows coming down the SMT line! wink wink
computer controlled
Good grief, i found myself looking for the "like" button d'oh!
Excellent news, I very much like the V'amp and Choices. I need an SoS in my armoury, it's on my "To Do" list.

Keep up the good work.

cheers and regards
@Bakeneko (and anyone else who will listen!)

-Flight needs more European dealers!!!!!! Please bug your favorite synth shop(s) to stock FOH.

P.S. If anyone has a connection in Japan......that would rule![/i]
will do , but my favourite dealer is in Oz...It is really easy to order from there, no grief, one week delivery time. They already stock.

I speak/read/write Japanese, but SDIY friends in that neck of the woods are thin on the ground. Need to get my arse back out there and seek out new life, new civilisations ...err, you know what I mean ;-).

cheers and regards
FoxtoneMusic wrote:
P.S. If anyone has a connection in Japan......that would rule!

Well, almost nothing is distributed here now seriously, i just don't get it.
FiveG (and their parent company) has Doepfer, some Asol/Asys, MFB, Flame, Acidlab. Mostly german stuff, actually. And some TipTop now, maybe. Another shop has some stuff too. And everything is a bit overpriced. So many people just order stuff from abroad.

Anyway, things like MakeNoise, Intellijel, WMD, Harvestman, Malekko (not to mention the smaller manufacturers) are not available here now...

Dave Skipper (Reppiks here) organized the awesome Modular Synth Festival here last month and probably knows more but I think he's just gone back to Europe for the summer...
great news, love his stuff, still need to pick a few i don't have
i have one choices and pb, and 3 imps
Why are the PB's so expensive now? From $95 -> $115 -> $175!? That's a huge price spike.

sad banana
Back when Kevin was making every FOH module by hand, he was barely paying for his parts and had a difficult time just paying rent. Flight has been on the brink of non-existence several times in the last couple of years. The only reason I feel ok making that statement is that is already documented here on Muffs. No BS, just sayin' it like it is.

Production has now been moved to a well respected modular builder here in the USA....that shit ain't free. With that actually comes a more consistent build and we've even upgraded a few components (not that there was anything wrong with Kevin's previous builds thumbs up ), not to mention having product always available to those who want it!

Innovation and value have ALWAYS been the cornerstone for what Kevin is trying to do. I've been struggling with how to make sure Flight, the dealers, and most importantly the end-users all get taken care of. If the end-user isn't into it, everything else is fucked.

I knew this day would come, but Flight has grown up and and in order for Kevin to be able to come up with more great designs this is what needs to happen. You will see all of the pricing increase almost across the board (PB was the biggest jump, everything else will be less drastic) as production moves into new hands. I'll argue that any non-utility module priced in the $150-250 range is considered "affordable".

Kevin is certainly grateful for all the past, present, and future support and please know that he finally will be able to upgrade to the brand-name ramen noodles instead of the generic no name ramen he used to have to buy It's peanut butter jelly time!
Ahh. I figured it had to be an issue of finance. It's still my favorite module even at that price point. Will there ever be a kit again? Are the schematics available anywhere?
We really struggled with raising the price. Kevin deserves the break from building and can enjoy a little profit for being a great designer. I hope he buys himself something nice.

BareBones have taken a back-seat while built versions get taken care of. Honestly, BBs are pretty low priority. We'll probably look into it again in a few months. f(h) needs a new module or two, first!

I haven't seen the schematics anywhere publicly. Maybe shoot Kevin a message.
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