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Complex ran-dumb question
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Author Complex ran-dumb question
So I have a complex random on its way to me. Can someone shed light on the independent outputs? How do they differ? I see one group of knobs that I assume sets the parameters for all three. Do they differ only in the jumper glide settings? If I feed it a clock, are they different variations of that clock? What's the deal? Inquiring minds want to know.
Paranormal Patroler
They are different outputs of a similar kind. All knobs affect them the same way, but each one is independent of the other. Clock, whether input or assigned by the knob is the same for all three, in reality it's the frequency of the change. Got it yet?
Awesome mate! Thanks. It's a weird bugger. Not as intuitive as a woggle or m24, but lovely indeed.
Paranormal Patroler
Best Random I've tried. Need any more help? Got any other questions? Shoot.
Well I can only agree! Best random I got, wish I could get hold of a cwejman random module but this will do for now and the brownian is just lovely. And the fact that you get three independent versions of the output is so great and make this module better than most other random sources. I just got the expansion to my 149-1 but I guess the 501B would do great stuff for my system too!
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