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dualvca as pan
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Author dualvca as pan
I'm a little new to the modular building game so I'm asking for a little experience in partially building a dual vca.
Its going into mu filtrex build as a stereo pan module.
Ill be using the filtrex lfo but would like mono to stereo and stereo to stereo operation.
The gain / amount pot, I guess can be dual gang pot, no DC/ AC switch as it will only pass audio.
An external cv in socket in case I want to use another source, otherwise I can't think of anything for my application.
Any experienced words welcome.
Thanks B
Forgot to ask how the two vca's are interconnected for say mono to stereo panning.

Thanks B
you need to invert the lfo signal so that as it is rising on one side it is decreasing on the other. (or do that to whatever vca control signal you are using) A simple opamp would do that in the inverting mode. I don't understand what you mean by stereo stereo mode.
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