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Mididac is version 3
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Author Mididac is version 3
Hi Tony,

Thanks a lot for your answer

While I can adjust the scaling to be perfect, the init won´t allow pitch to be Low enough, it is a kind of a soprano Midi to cv, it behaves similar if I use a dot com or oakley vco, is there any other way round this?

I mean any way of lowering the initial cv voltage out by about two octaves?

I'm really interested in making the mididac work in my system as it offers many more modulation posibilities,

By the way your filter is amazing I made it "talk" last night, and the whole sonics of your modules is awesome, fast and PUNCHI, it make the dotcom modules hihi sound like a Mormon whith glasses, all correct and clean, hihi


Sorry for the delay in replying; I've been off work decorating my house.

punchi wrote:
I mean any way of lowering the initial cv voltage out by about two octaves?

I'm surprised that it won't go low enough. As it is now, what is the lowest voltage you can get from the pitch CV output socket? That is, send the midiDAC the lowest note your controller will send out and measure the output voltage from the Pitch CV socket. Keep the TUNE pot central.

I would normally trim mine, with the INIT trimmer, to go from -1V (lowest note) to +9V (highest note). If you need it to go lower you can change R19 from 33K to 15K. This will give the INIT trimmer twice the range that it currently has.

Hi again Tony

Thanks for your answer, I'll change that resistor then,

been using more of the oakley, and it sound gorgeous, the filter and VCA sound great, and it converts the precise dot com osc in lush vintage sounding, Thanks for your work

Cheers from Chile

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