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Author CA3083
Anyone able to share sources for this chip in the USA or outside if need be.

Thanks. Found the opamp but all my sources say the ca3083 tran network is obsolete and no longer made.
I wondered how long the CA3083 would last. It's a shame that it's gone and the normal parts suppliers haven't got any left.

Ebay seems to have a few suppliers though. At all sorts of prices.

I use the CA3083 on both the TM3030 and the SVCO. Once the current board stocks are gone I'll delete the board issues. I'll probably re-issue both boards using the THAT300 but it won't be until next year.

I saw the ebay sellers but I fear bad chips from those sources. Never the less if that is the source so be it. I already have 3 full size vco so not a big deal on my end but I want the quick octave changing so an outboard octave accessory would be very handy. Maybe make it a triple octave board?
Paradigm X
Cricklewood seem to stock them ch&page=1

Cant post a direct link tho, £2.50 each.

Wondering whether to order one now or not...
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