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LZX Bitvision
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Author LZX Bitvision
anyone have any insight or experience using the bitvision. also does anyone know where to get one.... preferably the kit.
pretty effective for sound reaction. pretty easy to reprogram coming from someone who's never programmed a microcontroller. there is a bit of underscan so not necessarily good mixing with other video sources. overall i really like it
theres a few topics on here regarding the synth, all about imagers and palettes, a quick search for bitvision or bitviosion images should bring them up wink
Captain Sternn
I'm also interested n finding a kit for sale. Emailed AH sometime last year and they weren't in stock. Asked again recently and got no response. sad banana
i've been waiting a long time too but am glad LZX is cranking out other basics (my VWG just shipped from AH^^). patience is the game. if you want to do some video electronics kitting there's also the arduino video shield

just gone one to solder up, hoping to make an mfb vd01 clone with it since those are impossible to find now too.
So I been playing around with my Bitvision 1.2 kit that i built the other day and I think it stopped working after i tried to change some colors on the palette. Or maybe it decided to not work because of my bad soldering?!? lol

Anyways I was having trouble getting AVR studio recognizing my programmer for the longest time. Eventually moved to an older WIN 7 with USB 2.0 laptop and I was able to get the USBTiny Drivers to work by using the libusb-win32(the latest i think). The computer recognized the Pocket AVR Programmer e/installing-drivers

now but AVR studio 5 still didnt. So I ended up following this tutorial

Using a USBTiny Programmer with Atmel Studio
where I had to download AVRdude and set up an external Device. Im still not sure how to “build” as I have pressed f7 and nothing happens but, when I loaded up the external device, I noticed that the LEDs on the Bitvision were not on anymore. When I plugged it into the CRT no more video. :frowning:

I used the source code from this link:

When I downloaded it it was titled “1.0” so maybe I just need the 1.2 version and It will work again? Or maybe I just suck at soldering and it decided to stop working? Everytime I try to load the new code though, the two LEDs Blink, but thats all I can get from it now. HAAALP!
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