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Gotta quick clock question....
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Author Gotta quick clock question....
K...soo....First off. Guinness ftw! <-----i've grown to love that shit!

Anyway! I honestly have no clock since I sold the mobius.. I really should grab a plan b tap clock and/or the blacet hex zone. But for now...

I'm looking for something to step my sequential switch without wasting my vcs or using my doepfer box. I was hoping that my eg1's could do it but it seems it wont act like a true lfo in that it won't peak hard enough without tapping the manual gate button to click the clock forward. Any other ideas?

wait.... inv out to gate works fucking beautifuly. nm. I solved my prob. smile

MAN YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH EG'S IN A MODULAR!! I love the two eg1's i have. smile
wait.... inv out to gate works fucking beautifuly

Cool to see someone else doing that, almost all my patches had the inv out into the gate, I always wondered what I was actually doing.
All I knew was it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do without that patch.
Yeah me too... I'm sitting there like well fuck.. if it's in lfo mode... why wouldnt it step the clock.... but now it works like a damn charm. I need to get some kind of master clock tho so I can use this method to run into the inhibit of my ss or just to add lag to certain stages of the ss.

Guess I'm springing for the hex zone soon..... haha. I could go with that tap clock by plan b or the FLAME but.... I'll just keep it all frac. What's been fun is midi/cv sync'n the steps of my bent hr16 drum machine to the ss then running each step into a mod routing....fucking sick.... I NEED DIVIDERS THO!! HARDCORE!!!
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