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Pimp My Pro One Frac Style...
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Author Pimp My Pro One Frac Style...
I am new to Muff and the world of modulars. I own a Sequential Circuits Pro One that I would like to augment. The noise source sucks on this synth, so my thought was to make a small 3 or so module Frac unit to expand the Pro One's capabilities. I have narrowed it down to some modules that would create an awesome noise source plus. Here they are, Blacet Improbability Drive -OR- Metalbox Digital Noise, Blacet Micro LFO and Blacet Dual Linear VCA. I am shooting for three or four modules and these look interesting to me. I would like to get some suggestions on what would be a good compliment to my Pro One.
sort of difficult but maybe but bugbrand bugcrusher. oh and wiard noise ring. the dual vca looks perfect for a small rig and the lfo looks good too. the improb drive looks cool but needs more breakout control.
blacet 2vca
blacet lil lfo
metalbox digi noise (or wiard noise ring)
bugbrand bugcrusher

but bugbrand might be hard to come by. just missed the last sale. and does wiard still do frac?
I just started to check out the Wiard stuff. I will look into the Bugcrusher fer' Sure!
Thank you Dude!!
Ghost Ghost Ghost
those ghosts are rad. never seen em before but good timing. and good luck.
Sadly it seems the days of Wiard 1200 are gone cry waah

Metalbox / CGS Digital Noise or Wiard Noise Ring is a real hmmm..... very differant beasts. The former is a semi-random digital noise source which exploits an 18 Stage Shift Register & some boolean logic & the latter is an 8 stage Shift Register driven by an analog noise / comparator core with some feedback thrown in - hence the 'Data Resonator' tag.

I'd say its more of a case of CGS Digital Noise + Improb. Drive. Email Blacet & see if they will perform the modifications if you're not DIY inclined, I'd have an Improb. but my Blacet case is full Dead Banana & dude is right in saying that many of the most interesting parts of the ID are buried beneth the panel.

The Improb. is a great source of filtered, percussive noise & random voltages whereas the Digital Noise is best suited to pitched noise & random clock generation, I love clocking from the gate out of a sequencer & triggering a pair of envelopes with it, everytime a gate is sent it can result in one or another or both envelopes firing off, good fun applause

Micro LFO & Dual VCA are two firm favourites here. The Micro is great for generating loads of esoteric wave shapes. Take a look at the Mini-Wave as well, this will make your Pro-One do things it never dreamed of thumbs up
Buy a USED Noise Ring. That's what I did and it's indispensable. I wasn't a fan of the Improb Drive. I found the white noise needed to be ran through a gain module to be of any good use.
Kwote and GDTom thank you so much for the info on these modules.
Strange, I <3 the noise on the Pro One's...
John Nonjohn
Kwote wrote:
I wasn't a fan of the Improb Drive. I found the white noise needed to be ran through a gain module to be of any good use.

Actually, the ID has a gain, trim control, on the PCB, so you can match the gain to about +/- 5 volts! Maybe yours just needed a little calibrating!

I just built an ID, and I think it's fabulous!--even moreso, in a stereo patch with ID noise on one side and the Dark Star Chaos noise on the other!

Here's something to try--use a Blacet I/O, a VCA and any noise source + [maybe] a VCF and get any synth to have audible noise, playing along with its tone, as you play keys on the synth's keyboard! Hints--Mult the synth's audio out to the Blacet I/O. Blacet I/O modulates the VCA and the VCF. Any noise source sends audio to the VCF, and from out of the VCF to the VCA. Set VCF to acheive the desired tone for the noise. Mix the nosie source signal from the output of the VCA with the tone signal from the original synth. Now, press those keys on the synth! Instant synth tone layered with noise! This method works great to get my Moog Prodigy to layer [external] noise with its tone. Moog Prodigy lacks a noise source, and this is how I get it to be more like its big bro--the Minimoog!
For the tease...

Bug-noise hintage

(still quite a long way off)
BugBrand wrote:
For the tease...

Bug-noise hintage

(still quite a long way off)


Sounds like a speak and spell or gameboy. Sortof lofi from the audio rate demo. Very cool! Oh I got my module too! Thanks!
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