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TM3030 ground with audio out ?
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Author TM3030 ground with audio out ?
analog therapy
hi! I finished my TM3030 but I dare not turn on because I did not understand some things about the earth. I used a metal jack audio out for the ground with him, but I connected the 3rd terminal with a wire soldered to the ground. it is pointless right? the ground is with the 2nd pod, right? Then I will wish to be sure of having correctly interuptor. I used a SPDT switch on / on I put in series with the AC POWER jack, so I welded the two wires from terminals 1 and 2 of the power plug connected to the two terminals at the bottom of 6 lugs of interuptor SPDT on / on, then I soldered two wires terminals 2 above the 2 in précédament cited below starting in AC POWER on the PCB, is that it could work? thaks in advance for your answer

Bests regard, damien
You should only have two connections going to your output socket. One goes to the tip connection, the other to the screen (the metal bush connection). There should not be three wires here at all.

A SPDT switch should have only three solder tags. If you have six then you have a DPDT.

If you can upload a small photograph of your wiring around the output socket and switch, I should be able to see whether you have it right.

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