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motm jlh-822 v-shift
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Author motm jlh-822 v-shift
anyone using one of these?

it seems ideal for my system. couldn't find any videos or info here. i know they have not been produced for a while.

I think there were 150 of them made. I love mine.

I'd like to find an 831...

EDIT: Ah, I now I realize what's funny about that picture - the knobs. I have the "beak" knobs on mine...
I have a 5U/MU mixed system and I use the dotcom Q123 for this. Not dual though as is the case for most dotcom stuff.

Maybe a little DIY and you could rep-panel it for MOTM.
Edited my post since some kind of domain squatter bought Bridechamber and replaced the linked image with an advertisement.
came across an 'orphan' (larry hendry?) jlh-822 v-shift MOTM format panel in a carton of misc. Bridechamber odds and ends.. we don't have any line of sight to PCBs for it-- so-- if you can provide a good home for it, and/or have a matching orphan PCB please contact us via email

you have to drill the holes yourself smile

thank you
I love my banana-ized Q123! It's peanut butter jelly time!
Aha - J. Larry Hendry (RIP), one of the original stooges, and MOTM owner produced these. For a while stooge panels were the big thing, and they were available for a number of different DIY type projects. Usually the PCBs were from other people, but this one might be from him. I doubt that 150 produced number - I'd guess maybe a third that many were actually made, and even less actually finished. If you follow that link in the OP you can find a wonderful little time capsule of MOTM lore, virtually untouched since maybe 2004 or so.
Looks like the wise guy website is still around
I've got two 822s and two 831s, they sit next to my bank of MOTM300 VCOs
That looks to be an original Stooge panel
I still miss Larry, sigh. Besides everything that he and the Stooges did to advance the cause of 5U, he and I were talking about going to the Indianapolis 500 together the next year.
just found one of theses boards with all the resistors and larry’s notes. damn that’s a lot of trimmers.
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