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Wiard Noisering vs. Binary Zone & Improb Drive?
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Author Wiard Noisering vs. Binary Zone & Improb Drive?
i'm gonna get em all at some point. but i'm wondering which would you choose first and why? the Noisering by itself or the Binary Zone & Improb Drive together?
Muff Wiggler
good god man, what a question eek!

i'm sure you can predict my answer....

NOISE RING FTW SlayerBadger!

You can get sequenced-type-modulation signals (ie. Binary Zone) from the Noise Ring, and you can get them to repeat in identical cycles (ie. Binary Zone), or you can dial up as slow or fast amounts of 'change' as you would like.

You can't quite do S&H and slew like the Improb Drive, however you can get VERY CLOSE to the S&H voltage, and you could slew it with an EG1, VCS, I/O or Little Lag module. You can do digital noise just like the ID, however you don't get the internal filter, but you can easily patch it to another filter.

Additionally you get a clock (like you do with the BZ) that has the ability (unlike the other two modules) to be steady or fucked up. Or you can slave it to another clock and use it to derive fucked-up permutations of the external clock.

It's a clocking monster. It's a CV creation monster. It's a noise monster.

In my mind there is no question at all. The Noise Ring covers 95% of the ground covered by the BZ and the ID, *and* it covers a huge amount of fascinating ground not covered by the others. Finally the ground that it doesn't cover can pretty easily be added by one or two additional, commonplace modules.

I don't know if you can tell, but I love my noise rings. They are probably the most important modules in my entire synth for the sort of patches I like to make. If I had to sell everything they would be the very last ones I hung onto. Long after I sold off my two Time Machines, I would still be looking at my beloved Noise Rings.

Mr. Green

looks like I'll be joining the Wiard family shortly.
Muff Wiggler
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