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Kommander + A148 T&H issue ?
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Author Kommander + A148 T&H issue ?

I'm trying to use my Kommander with one half of a Doepfer A148 (configured as a T&H and not as a S&H).

Basically, I want the output of the T&H to follow the Kommander's CV output as long as the gate is active and to keep the last value when the gate is not active. That's textbook track & hold.

I verified that the T&H works well in other situations, but I can't get it to work as I want with the Kommander. When I move my hand away from the Kommander, the T&H's output drops down to 0 instead of keeping its value.

The patching is : Kommander CV out into T&H Sample In, Kommander's Gate out into T&H's Trigger in, T&H output into whatever I want to modulate.

Has anybody managed to make this work ?
Any idea of what's wrong there ?
oscillateur, did you set your gate threshold to match your hand movement?The gate is high as long as the CV output of your Kommander is above a certain value. So if you would have to "stop" your movement below that value to make your T&H happen. Would you stop your movement below that value the gate probably stays longer just enough to let the value fall to zero before it goes low.

I can imagine that your gate threshold probably doesn't match your configuration, so you can try to play around with the gate threshold trimmers I'd suggest.
Ahah, I didn't know about gate threshold trimmers, that indeed sounds like a possible reason for this behaviour.

But if the gate works like this is it really possible to use the Kommander as I want (i.e. I basically want the CV out to keep its value for a tiny, tiny moment of time after the gate turns low so that the T&H can keep that value) ?
i'm not completely sure how the koma kommander works in regards to gate activation.

for example i use a-148 with breath control. but if i use gate out from the breath controller from an envelope follower the breath controller will zero out before it can sustain the voltage at where you want it so in that case i need to activate a seperate trigger. so it works from a different trigger from the thing that uses the CV source itself doubled as a gate.

have you tried a different gate source altogether? it should work perfectly in that sense. otherwise there are always means to do what you want if somewhat convoluted.
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