addac and max msp (with some help from expert sleepers)

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addac and max msp (with some help from expert sleepers)

Post by sandyb » Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:55 am

first patch with my new addac modules.
the intention was always to have this system integrated with my laptop running max/msp.
i wrote a max patch that implements presets and preset morphing on the addac 8 band fixed filter bank. it's not quite finished yet (hence the clicks where settings jump from one extreme to another) but i couldn't resist the chance to try it out today.

max is sending 8 x cv out to the es3. the es3 outputs are connected to the individual vol cv inputs on each band of the filterbank.
sound source is the ultra wav player with sample rate and file selection controlled by different outputs on the complex random. i just used the sd card i received with the ultra wav that came preloaded with a few samples.

(listen on speakers/headphones if you can - there's a load of bass stuff in there missing on laptop speakers)

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