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Author Silkscreening

New to the forum so I'm not allowed to search until I make my first post. I had a brief look for this topic and I'm sure there will be information somewhere on here but I can't find it without the search.

I'm in the process of building some Oakley modules and am looking for a UK based panel cutter and silk screener who can supply panels custom printed.

I tried but have not received a reply yet. Does any have any suggestions or can point me to another thread on here?

I had Ben make me a custom silkscreened panel. Might take a couple days for him to get back to you but I would definitely recommend him.
I can recommend Julian ( Great work and good prices.
I take it that Ben is the guy at

Had a look at the beast. Does he only do engraving?
Not sure if he does anything else apart from engraving - I've only ever ordered engraved panels.

And yes Ben is the guy behind Resynthesis. What style of panels are you going for - MU or MOTM (or something else)?

Now I can search the forum I've seen a conversation about printing on aluminium by a printing company (I think others do it too): nium-backing#tjn=f&t=produkt-details

I may look into that as the option to print full colour is interesting.

However I feel it probably won't look as good as a professionally silkscreened panel. My decision might come down to cost.
Nuff respekt Ali G!

I am screenprinting my own panels - have already drilled and anodized blanks

I will post up some shots once I have done a few (hopefully this weekend)

Initial outlay on kit but them after my first cabinet of modules I should be saving
I'll be interested to see your panels dubya. I'll also be interested to hear how much hassle it is to go through the process for one offs.

In the mean time I'm going to look down the route of printing onto aluminium as a cost effective way of doing things. I'll post the results whern they come through.
I was able to get a few panels done with one screen.
2 vcos, adsr/vca ,2 vrgs and a discontiuity. Not bad for 1st attempt
I will get some pics up this weekend.
Still in the process of trasferring the designs from .fpd to photoshop. The straight to aluminium printers I'm looking at print to standard sizes so it lokos like I will have to cut the panels here at home.

Hi Ali,
I have been totally slack at putting up some pics so here goes

I get my panels pre cut from ebay then drill anodize and print.

Really need to get some knobs or is that more pcbs?! hmmm.....

The latest design:

I'll probably get these done a couple of times on the dibond stuff - once as a photo print on aluminium dibond and another set with inverted colour scheme on brushed aluminium (black letters on alu dibond). I'll let you know how I get on!
I went to visit a local print shop yesterday and came up with some other ideas as well.

Does anyone have any experience with acrylic?

I had an idea of printing the black to acrylic and leaving the white see-through. This would allow me to backlight with EL panels - I think that would look good.

Can you print direct to acrylic? Is it easy to cut and drill with CNC milling techniques?
Here you are folks - front panels on dibond!

I'm now in the process of contacting a few local CNC mill operators to see if it will be cheap enough to consider have the holes done professionally. I can see doing it with a drill won't be accurate enough.

Any suggestions about London based CNC shops would be welcome. So far I've contacted:
ali_g12 wrote:
Still in the process of trasferring the designs from .fpd to photoshop...

I like to do this too, but, ... seriously, i just don't get it please may you explain it to me ( and some others) how it works ?!

You realise the thread was dormant for 4 years, right? : )

Either way, to your question -

Engraving / CNC machining is all vector based. The tool (the cutter) follows paths (hence the term "tool path"). If its not a line, then it has to be converted to one.

Print is works with raster graphics / bitmap. Effectively, you have a 'grid' of dots. (think "dot matrix")

With inkjet, youre spraying, usually CMYK, in varying proportions to give the colour to each part of the "grid".

With silk screen printing, youre working with a single "bit" - the "grid" (which, in this case, is the weave of the screen) is either on or off at any given location (filled or non filled)

Each colour requires a different screen, with a different "grid" of dots, which the ink is then forced through onto the medium.

The screens are made using a photo process (an exposure unit) which is the most awkward part of the process.

My own exposure unit is in storage at the moment (due to lack of space here) but theyre not small. Here it is being loaded to give you an idea of scale -

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