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I'm busy and we are growing....
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Author I'm busy and we are growing....
Muff Wiggler
Hey guys -

As most of you know, it's crazy how busy I am. Two kids, third on the way, crazy job requiring lotsa afterhours work, lotsa travel etc...

There was a time when regardless of all this, I was able to keep up with every thread at this forum.

As we get more members and more discussions, and as more and more things monopolize on my time - that's just not possible anymore! The truth is I've been barely keeping up here at the forum for the past couple of months, and it's always surprising when I notice some thread that's been around for a while that I've missed.

Anyway, I *LOVE* watching this place grow and seeing all the new members and all the new threads popping up. So unbelievably cool.

But I think it's time I officially admitted - I will always try my best but it's just impossible for me to keep up-to-date and catch every thread here.

So, if you've posted something and I haven't been able to muster a reply - please don't take this personally, it's not my intent, just the way it goes.

And if you pose a question to me, and I don't get to it, or you were hoping I would chime in on something and I don't - please shoot me a PM pointing me to the thread in question and I *WILL* get a reply out there. Of course I will still try my best and there will be times when I've got a lot of time for it, and times when I have very little.

The one I feel worst about however is all the posted music and samples and demos. This bugs me and I just want to point out that I *LOVE* and greatly encourage you guys to post music here. I'll even sort you out with FTP and storage space if you need it. But the way my life works I actually do most of my surfing at this forum using my phone (a Blackberry with a GREAT browser), and cannot listen to audio that way. And it seems when I'm at an actual PC, it's often in an environment or at a time when audio isn't possible.

So, I feel bad about not getting to listen to so much of the great stuff that's posted here. I keep planning on having a 'listening day' and just setting aside a few hours to listen to the posted stuff. Still hasn't happened yet though :(

But I actually carry some bad feelings around about not replying to many music posts - I know most people really want some feedback when they put something they've done online. I'm super sorry and it's NOT personal at ALL. And I know the other members are really good about listening and commenting, and I'm trying to get better, I swear....

Anyway, just wanted to toss that all out there as a little explanation why there's been lots of threads lately where I haven't been able to reply. Don't worry about me, just have guys rock SlayerBadger!
is this all just some convoluted way of saying you want to make me a moderator here? Mr. Green
Even though I just joined.... no problem Muff. Seriously, this looks like a really good forum.
Muff Wiggler
Kwote wrote:
is this all just some convoluted way of saying you want to make me a moderator here? Mr. Green

hehehe good try wink If we get to a point where we need a moderation team, you're on it! But I try to attack the spam problem at the registration level (which so far is working....) and I prefer not to moderate the behaviour of registered members.... and so far everyone is cool enough that there's no need to.

If we ever get like KVR size (ha, fat chance) and it's outta hand, I'll let you know.

In fact, we already have too many moderators. I added Zerosum when we started out as no-one else was here & he's super cool (and we had a spam problem at the time), and I added a few others like Eric to the Metasonix forum (it is his brand afterall) and thermionicjunky to the Artist Challenge (as he initiated the idea and posed the challenge)... but they actually make me a bit nervous as the moderator accounts (as well as the Admin account - mine) are subject to hacking and exploit attempts pretty frequently. As I can't control the complexity and change frequency of the passwords these guys use, and I know the accounts are attacked pretty frequently, it actually scares me a bit having moderators. I only recently figured this out and I don't want to go pullling moderator status from these guys and risk having them feel uncecessarily slighted so.....grr, forum admin stuff oops

but thanks guys. good to have you here futuresoundsystems, and thanks for the nice words 8)
it's cool. i wouldn't be doing anything anyways. just want my name plastered everywhere... but then again that's already happening.. lol
Heh-- I totally understand. Your presence is welcome and very beneficial, but this place is growing to the point where threads seem to take on a life of their own in spite of anything else.
This all makes sense.
I think its cool you still find time to drop in and post, especially all the cool blacet tricks and tips,etc applause

I still have plenty of audio files I MUST get to cause I know I will love them!
Keep posting everyone!
I have work and family too. I totally understand. With that, being as active as you seem to be is beyond what's expected we're not worthy

Anyway, It's a great forum with lots of great info. Hopefully all us new guys can keep the info AND the atmosphere going.

Yeah no worries. I've always been very impressed by the amount of time you devote to the forum here.

PS. Glad to see the old cat pic back!
This plus a few other forums.

Nice work on this site, love the personal feel it has so far.
Muff Wiggler
hehe the cat pic is controversial...

i'm going to try this afternoon and tonight to catch up on threads here. For about 2 weeks i've been SLAMMED and i know there's a bunch of stuff here I really need to get replies out to..sorry guys

my company laid off about 10% of its staff at the start of the month, then last week my car's transmission exploded. plus end of school year, 'graduation' for my daughter (out of kindergarten lol), soccer, swimming classes....argh it's been busy

thanks for the kind words and for entertaining yourselves so well when I can't make it by SlayerBadger!
Muff Wiggler
hey I just want to say a few things

1) I really suck

2) I'm really REALLY busy

3) see #1

I know I have some PM's from you guys that are approaching a MONTH old. A MONTH! That's brutal cry

it's nothing personal, and I'm really sorry.

This time of year is always insane at my job. This year has been far crazier, due to the economy we have a hiring freeze, and the five people who were recently approved to be hired to help me, have all been denied. I still have the work to do.

I've been in the USA for work (I normally live in Canada) every single week since the start of September. I have no time at all for my personal life at the moment, or for my online life, or anything unrelated to work.

I see so much great stuff happening at the forum lately. So many new users, so many great posts discussions, great music.

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to participate lately :(

I am really happy to see you guys do just fine without me!

But, I just want to say that at least every day I have a quick scan of the forum. I try to see if there's any spam. I try to see if there's any unhappy members. I try to see if there's any questions or requests directed directly to me.

Sometimes I only have literally about 3-5 minutes to do this. So I haven't been as interactive as I have liked lately. I'm really sorry! It's nothing personal and really I'm so excited by this forum and all the people here - and in specific how cool you are to each other and the whole vibe here. Thanks everyone for keeping this going in my absence! You guys are all awesome and I'm so glad you are all here.

I WILL get to my backlog of PM's in the next few days, by the end of the week for sure. I know I've said that before, but I *PROMISE*.

I think sandyb and plord have felt the biggest burn of late PM replies, but I owe some replies to consumed, gaslampmusehog, pugy, bugbrand, parasitk & dkcg. Really sorry guys! Bear with me just a few more days, please. And see item #1 above lol

thanks again for being so awesome and bearing with me. I do have to focus on my job - they pay my bills for me, which ultimately means they pay for this forum! So we all have to get behind that wink

cheers and I will see you all soon. be well 8)
muff - don't worry about it in the slightest.
i'd rather you relax and have a Guinness ftw! than reply to my pretty unimportant message.
and, again, a huge thanks for this great place

No pressure from me Muff, it was just UNUSUAL to wait more than 24 hours for a response from ya smile
what browser do you use with your crackberry?
opera? the inbuilt browser sucks imo.
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