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composite or svideo webcam input?
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Author composite or svideo webcam input?
Does anyone know of a capture device that will show up as a webcam rather than DV source on OSX? I'm collaborating a with a friend that writes WebRTC software and for him to get any video it has to appear as a webcam to the browser.

I contacted GrassValley and they said their capture devices will all appear as a DV source, not webcam, but couldn't confirm one way or another if the device would show up under Chrome as a video source. So if anyone has ADVC and is willing to check if Chrome can see it, that would be great!

TIA w00t
Just got off the phone w/ Gary at XLR8, he tested the XtraView with a demo WebRTC application and it worked great (but mirrored):

Will be testing it out myself shortly and report back, in case anyone else winds up in the same capture boat.

One more note... I'd been eyeing Grass Valley devices as a cheaper alternative to Matrox but their tech rep said their capture devices show up as DV cams and wouldn't work as OOTB as web cams for something like a WebRTC session, didn't even bother testing it.
Dr Bleep
Did you find any other options for getting a video input to show up as a webcam or in syphon on osx?

I haven't tried it yet but looks like a winner.

I need to sell off my matrox mini to afford it though... only 720p vs the matrox mini nicely scaled 1080 but the versatility of being able to use it with any software including web browsers (gifSlap!) trumps all
Dr Bleep
Oh that one looks slick thanks.

This one was recommended by the developer of lumen. It's a little less expensive and there is a syphon program for it. It's half the price but might not be as stable. Seems the thunderbolt one has less problem.
I have looked at intensity and heard people having varying luck with them.

Do any of the syphon apps make the video available as a webcam for say chrome to pick up? That's the main thing I'm after, but having a 1080p capture in addition would be nice.

Other thing I like about web presenter is that it's mac and pc.

Dr Bleep
Haven't seen one that does that but will keep an eye out.
I see people mentioning (win) and (osx) for getting non webcam sources to show up as such, maybe that's workable.

In my poking around just now Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI USB Capture HDMI 3.0 HD Video Capture Dongle came up as a solution that converts HDMI to webcam... but also usb 3. resolume vj are using it even though there's a few frame latency via
starpause looks like a good alternative to xsplit, $60 compared to $500

and is free Miley Cyrus
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