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[ORDER] ACX Moog Parametric Equalizer
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Author [ORDER] ACX Moog Parametric Equalizer
Dear colleges,
Moog Parametric Equalizer kits are back! This time with updated, eurorack-friendly PCBs and Erica front panels! Kits are based on Alain Coupel work and are made with his permission. Original documentation can be found here:

The module on
Demo by Ben_hex:

Updated schematics and BOM are downloadable below.
So, 15 EUR/PCB + 3 EUR that exotic stereo pot (1k lin + 50k log) and 20EUR for the panel. Total 38EUR for the complete kit.
Shipping to Europe 3 EUR, elsewhere on Earth (except Antarctica) 4 EUR.

PM me, if interested!

aL Pariah
I'd like to order 1, please.
aL Pariah
Sorry, double post. confused
Yes, PCB + pot please.

I have the moog parametric eq so I'll be interested to see how it compares! I assume the control is for frequency?
PCB + pot for me please?
Thanx for orders! The last PCB remaining. For others - maybe in closest future.
Is this eurorack compatible? With power and size?
Sizewise - see my front panel - no prob to install it. PCB is 101x47mm. I tested it works well from +-12V.

Without wanting to hijack your thread, I'd love for someone to take a shot at re-working J.Haible's Polymoog Resonator.
Especially as the PCB looks as if it could be much more compact.
A MoogerFooger-sized Respnator would make a lovely pre-amp for live use.
Ill take the last one + pot if still available!
The Real MC
I have the original. Besides being a very effective EQ, it actually sounds pretty good as a resonant filter so frequency CV is a nice addition.
Looks like Jason beat me to it....
But if you do another run, or someone pulls out, please sign me up for 1 pcb + pot. Thanks!
amdagan wrote:
Looks like Jason beat me to it....
But if you do another run, or someone pulls out, please sign me up for 1 pcb + pot. Thanks!

I'm interested in a set. Possibilities for a euro panel? I got the wogglebug panel and it's very very nice.
Lovely panel!
I would want a PCB and pot set and panel if any/all of those happen!
Hi there! thank you, sorry for those, who are late!
Orders will be posted on Monday.
Seems, there's an interest in more PCBs and front panels, which I can produce, but must agree with Alain.
BUT a general question on PCBs! I can re-draw PCBs so that all pots can be soldered on PCB (like on Doepfer and Frequencycentral PCBs), and you don't need L-branckets to fix the PCB to the front panel. That, of course puts some limitations on front panel design, but it makes much easyer construction. Is this useful? Would you preffer this?
I would be interested in a future euro panel and pcb. I like pcb mounted pots with panel mounted jacks. I have gotten used to doing ground rails and wiring. However, I built a Jupiter Storm with a L-bracket and that was just as easy. So either way is fine with me.
Either is fine for me, I'm weaning myself of PCB only components.

What knobs do you use on the Erica modules? I like that big one!
Paradigm X
Id be up for a few pcb/pot sets if at all possible pls!

I dont mind pcb mounted pots, as Ill be doing in 5u i dont mind as ill be wiring anyway!

Cheers, all the bes.t
I would love to order just 4 of those knobs. The circuit looks easy enough to replicate on veroboard, but I hate mocking around with pots...
Big kobs! grin I have no idea, where they come from originally - I found those on the open market here, that historically and still has DIY electronics section. I buy them for ~1EUR/peace. Next time I'll be there I can bulk buy for DIY collegues grin They come in two colors - blue and red - see few modules from my eurorack system in development.

Sorry. I meant pots. I must been tired after work....

Thanks anyway, Girts
Got my board and pot - thanks! Just waiting for parts now.
Dear collegues, I was making audio demos of moog Parametric Equalizer (will publish them shortly) and noticed that with 12V power supply filter opens only when Height pot is fully clockwise and started to make resistor calculations. Just about the time Alain came up with notice about resistors that need to be replaced! So attached find a part placement with replacable resistors in case of 12V power supply!

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