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1U Eurorack dedicated Utility Patch Bay
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Author 1U Eurorack dedicated Utility Patch Bay
ADDAC System

In our quest to bring more tools to the Modular Synthesizer world, we’ve created a new solution that we believe many of you will find of much convenience.

A dedicated 19’’ Utility Patch Bay to free users of typical jack size issues (how do i go from here to there? where did i put my adapters?). With this solution we hope to bring a simple yet effective unification among 1/8’’ and 1/4’’ jacks in a standard 19‘’ inch 1U rack format.

Plug all your other gear with the convenience of no adapters and in a patch bay fashion for convenience and long-term reliability. Use the white printed areas to write down what is plugged where and forget about re-routing cables over and over again.

Plug your studio through it, be it other synths, guitar pedals, soundcard, mixer, you name it, use the back
inputs to hide all the necessary cabling and conveniently access them from the front panel either with
1/4‘’ or 1/8’’ jacks.

Split a stereo signal from a 1/4’’ cable into two 1/8’’ or combine two mono signals from two 1/8’’ into
one 1/4’’ stereo cable.

Use it as a simple adapter, going from 1/4’’ to 1/8’’ or vice-versa.

Expected price 250 - 300€

We've created this for our own use here at our studio but we've decided to announce it only here at Muff's as we plan to make it available but production will depend on the feedback/interest shown here.

Let us know what you all think!

all the very best
i was just thinking about something pretty similar to this the other day. i may well be interested.

does it have 1/8" and 1/4" inputs on the back as well?

does it need power? i'm presuming not.
no love for bananas sad banana
ADDAC System
sandyb wrote:
does it have 1/8" and 1/4" inputs on the back as well?

does it need power? i'm presuming not.

Hi Sandy!

Only 1/4" jacks on the back, and you are correct, there is no need for power on this unit.

All the best,
ADDAC System
Good news for those who are interested!
We are going ahead with the production of the 1U Eurorack dedicated Utility Patch Bay.
We'll start with a run of 10 units.
The price is 240€.
The units will be ready in 3 months (we are only waiting for jacks to arrive as it will still take 2 months for the factory to ship them)

Anyone interested in acquire this unit please fill the order form here because it makes it easier for us to keep our emails organized.

All the best,
ADDAC System
Hi all!
Due to the low interest on the 1U Eurorack dedicated Utility Patchbay we will only produce this item upon custom request.
Drop us an email if you are interested.
Price is 240€

All the best,
"Due to low interest..." !?!?!

C'mon people this thing would be awesome!

Any non-euro gear gets easily slipped into your rig!

I've got an AnalogFour, ProOne, Slim Phatty, MPC DSM1 & 8+, Nord Drum 2 and Tama 206 that would love to have a lasting relationship with my euro rig, without adaptor cables all over the place!

How is this not the biggest thing since spliced lead!?!?


BTW, maybe this would have got more love if it was posted in the euro forum? Just sayin'... seriously, i just don't get it
ADDAC System
Hi r1n9o!

Fell free to order this from us thumbs up
We did post this on the Eurorack forum, but not a lot of people were interested in this patchbay.
All the best,
ADDAC Systems
Yes, I finally saw that. d'oh!

And yes, I just might!
Just saw this as well. Really nice! One thing that i would find really useful would be a version with attenuators on the mini jacks. Typically i would like to have this next my modular and have the 1/4" jacks plugged directly into my soundcard. And usually eurorack modules output is too hot for line level inputs. And similarly, if you want to send something from the soundcard to a euro module, they usually expect a hotter signal. Of course you can use mixers and stuff in between, but in my opinion that shouldn't be necessary. I think those utitlity modules are real party poopers.. sad banana
In my studio i've built a similar thing myself but it's not even close to your sleek design of course. I would definitely consider one of those if it had attenuators as well. w00t
But maybe it will be too expensive? And i guess it has to be a powered circuit as well to be able to gain signals.
Big time "duh!" d'oh!

Inspiringly obvious. This may not look like a galactic communication device, but the name describes the unit well given how much utility something so simple has. Not sure if my system warrants it right now, but I'll definitely keep this in mind. Seems like a no-brainer for people with lots of cables to intermingle. 1/8" to 1/4" and direct works, but that can get extremely messy/complicated/problematic if there are a lot of connections crossing. I hope this catches on a bit because it seems so useful.
Exactly what i was looking for
are these passive adaptors only without any attenuators or amplifiers to convert signal levels between eurorack and non-eurorack?
yes, i think it would be better with level conversion to/from eurorack and line level

i wonder if it's better for this to be a 3u module, 4-12 hp , with one or two of each function - well, as it is you could have 1 stereo to 2x mono and 5-6 1/4" to 1/8" convertors in a 3u space

it could be that the price is too high for people

or how about making some pulplogic compatible 1u tiles?
Awe, I wish this came in a smaller half rack size or something. I definitely need a pactchbay module. cry
I saw this on your website and had potential interest. (I just bought a Samson S-Patch, but may need a second). I could see myself considering this as an alternative to a second one.

Open questions:
- Are there single or double sets of 1/4" on the back? Photos of the rear would be helpful.
- Are these connections switchable between Normal/Half-Normal/ Thru? or is this more like a "multiples" module?
- are any of the inputs balanced?
Does any wiggler own one at this point? For the fellow Yanks or SoCal residents, Perfect Circuit finally makes it available to us! Here's their eBay shop

There are pics in the listing. Looks like all 1/4 inputs.

Would the OP / Addac mind answering a few questions? I also wonder if this works like a traditional patchbay or a mult.

Surprised that there isn't much gossip too.
Great idea!
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