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TM3030 still not square wave
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Author TM3030 still not square wave
analog therapy
here I have checked Q6, R7, R8, R11, R13, C11 and C13 and they are good references, I do not understand why I have no square wave knowing that the rest of my TM3030 works perfectly. I'm starting to ask me if it is possible that it was the wave switch, which could be faulty? Yet it is new, is that possible?
I thank in advance all people who can help me waah

Bests, damien
The way to tell if it is the switch is to move it into the square wave position. Then with the unit not powered, simply measure the resistance with your meter between the middle pin of the switch and top pin. If it reads zero ohms (or near) then the switch is working. If your meter says open circuit, ie. the same as when the meter's leads are not connected, the switch has failed.

The other thing you can do is when the unit is on. In the square wave mode and all is silent, then short out the top two pins of the switch with a screwdriver blade or a bit of wire. If you then get the square wave, then you'll need a new switch.

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