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KORG LittleBits Synth Kit
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Author KORG LittleBits Synth Kit
News just to hand: Sunday 3rd of November 2013.
Korg released a Synth Kit at the Tokyo Maker fair.

More news here to follow...
flocked is a company that manufactures small modules for learning electronics.

It seems that korg and littlebits have a booth together on the makerfaire tokyo. However as far as I understand the translation of the press release, Korg isn't releasing anything. You can just play booth with all the korg and all the littlebits products on 1 booth.

Here is the news:
Yes, that is all I could find too.
Im not in Tokyo at the moment but I have an acquaintance there that has teased me with a picture...

Im waiting on him to fill in more but I guess he is busy at the moment. Exciting anyway, what ever it is I hope it is modular compatible...
looks like a box of noodles.
Do not underestimate the power of Japanese noodles...
here is a video of some people playing
oh wait, and here is the japanese page on these

so it looks like little open mini-modules with plastic cases that connect
Isnt the fella in the middle the guy who was involved with the Volcas and who did the translating for the MS20 mini interviews?
MS20 filter
LittleBits is a new company that does what is essentially "Lego blocks" for electronics.
Pretty neat blocks they have. Though a little pricey when they're all added up together! woah
It would be interesting with the Korg tie-up to see what sort of new blocks they would come up with that would allow one to create a Synth! thumbs up
Stay tuned! applause
well, click that link and you can see what will be available for 16,000 yen.


Mid-December 2013 will be released open price (Korg online shop price ¥ 16,000)

Electronic work gadgets littleBits are looking for there, and collaboration Korg electronic musical instrument manufacturer for beginners. I want to explore the relationship of technology and music, towards all those who have a hobby of music, we have developed a new kit "littleBits Synth Kit" and engineers, seeking musicians and a new sound. Synth Kit is a kit to be assembled scalable and easily customizable "own" a modular synthesizer at home.

To Bjork from The Beatles, top artists have been using the analog synthesizer with the aim sound more elaborate, music making innovative than ever before. it is possible to without the need for a knowledge of music and electronic circuit design and assemble easily, (signal generator, modifier, modulator, controller) the circuit of the synthesizer, littleBits Synth Kit can be also utilized, such as live sound, recording and It is a kit was not so far.

Let's make the original synthesizer using a combination of modules.

A set of modules Bits twelve, Synth Kit allows you to assemble an analog modular synthesizer by connecting a small magnet to each module. In addition, It is the one that was developed based on a circuit that was used in the famous analog synthesizers Korg part of the module. The type of module of Synth Kit, there are (× 2), filter, envelope, delay, keyboard, micro-sequencer, mix, split, random, synth speaker power (power supply module), oscillator.

If there is littleBits Synth Kit, you will be able to build up a modular synthesizer that can be modified any number of times. Moreover, there is a scalable littleBits system, building a synthesizer more powerful by combining Synth Kit can include multiple. Also, the system making it by incorporating littleBits other modules, using the mechanical light or is freedom. Of course, cumbersome wiring and soldering, programming is not required at all.

Project booklet that describes the procedure of circuit assembly.
Project booklet which recorded the fabrication procedure of work fun example of 10 kinds comes with Synth Kit. According to the booklet, you can also more fun, to work the interface rich in ideas by combining the material with the familiar, such as plastic that was output tape and cardboard, a 3D printer to Bits module. It is a tool, such as the following:

Percussion Party: Assemble the circuit using a combination of modules of seven, let's dance to the rhythm! Set the rhythm, by adjusting the tone, you can create an intense beat to beat from a loose eye to control the envelope.
Let's make the shoulder synth your own by using the familiar material and modules of nine: shoulder keyboard! It with a decoration, if you attach a strap and stand on the stage at any time!
Make a turntable with a synth in a combination of eight modules: synth spin table! Make a turntable with a straw and paper plate, let's play the synth as DJ!
I have also included work example and performance, tuning, play song, Spooky sound, metal music, synth band, professional-looking in addition to this. In addition I have also included application of circuit design, such as delay pitch sweep, white noise, KEY PLAYER, sequencer control,-Frequency modulation, random-voltage, noise filtering, and echo.
comments from littleBits / KORG.

is the founder and CEO of littleBits, Aya Buderu MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab graduate, TED is a (Technology Entertainment Design) Senior researcher (Ayah Bdeir) said the leader in "electronic musical instrument industry It has said. "are very pleased that we can be able to work with a Korg, thus announcing the littleBits Synth Kit. Subsequently, the ultimate goal of "Our littleBits, is to break down to the major parts unit technology, everyone is so Ayatsureru freely the power of electronics. This new kit, analog so far- It is easy to use most of the modular synthesizer, it also. can say that it is one of the most high quality, this kit is designed to make Yobiokose person of any age is hidden in in a "rock star soul" I have. "

The message from the Korg is as follows. "With this new littleBits Synth Kit, you can explore the synthesizer sounds and a whole new music fan, in a unique way. Developed a Synth Kit with littleBits, we Korg, this to all music fans not only Korg fan I look forward to the future.'ll be able to convey the fun. "

Bits of module 12

Power Modules Blue
Connect the cable and 9V battery included, and supplies power to the entire modular.
Input module of Pink (9)
× 2. It is a module that creates a sound that is Omoto. I can adjust the tune and pitch. I can also switching waveform of square / saw.
There is a random voltage mode to output noise mode to output white noise, a random signal voltage.
You can play the melody on the switch of thirteen one octave. I can also switch the octave.
Micro Sequencer
I created a melody consecutive. I will output in order to step-by-step voltage, which is determined by the position of the four knobs.
You can add a volume change in the sound, to create a sound that changes the volume slowly as sax sound and strong attack as piano. I can adjust the decay and attack.
I will give a significant change in the sound. I can adjust the peak and cutoff. I adopt the filter circuit of MS-20 late type.
I realize the echo effect. I can adjust the feedback and time.
It prints the added together into one two signals. I can also adjust the volume of each input.
Wire module of Orange
I can branch into two signal flow.
Output module of Green
Synth Speaker
You can adjust volume. I is equipped with the output jack.
※ troublesome wiring and soldering is not required for the assembly of modules.
※ It is also possible to design a new circuit based on these circuits circuit of each module is an open source.

Project booklet

I comes with the project booklet of 36 pages that describe the steps of the circuit assembly is kind to beginners.
I have also recorded the history of the synthesizer and commentary on sound scientific.
I record engineer of littleBits, a modular construction example by designer. Contents of 10 kinds Tuning, Play a Song, Spooky Sounds, Percussion Party, Metal Music, Synth Band, Synthesizer with the Works, Perform Like a Pro, Keytar, of Synth Spin Table.
I have recorded the circuit ideas guiding examples of modular construction. Contents of white noise, key player, sequencer control, frequency modulation, shape your sounds, random voltage, filtering noise, echo and delay.

(For connection of the power module and battery) 9V battery, power cable
Package container that can be used to play for tray
Booklet of 30 pages or more
heapish wrote:
Isnt the fella in the middle the guy who was involved with the Volcas and who did the translating for the MS20 mini interviews?

Takahashi-san is also involved with circuit design for all of Korgs new boxes.

The Orange splitter module is good news.
An exciting product I think.
Wow, wow, wow, and all open source / Creative Commons?

Looks like it's the same license as Turing Machine / Spring Reverb:

ie it includes commercial use - you can bundle a bunch of these circuits up into a module and sell it, so long as you share your plans with the same license.
Tombola wrote:
Wow, wow, wow, and all open source / Creative Commons?

I can imagine an .stl file for 3D printing the plastic connecting blocks would be quite easy to model/get.
Damn Korg is on the ball. It's almost as if they're paying attention to trends in the market. seriously, i just don't get it
OK guys, new plan: spy on Roland, then do the opposite. 123go!
Way to go Aya!
This is too cool an idea - My brain just cant take it!

thumbs up
The end of Eurocrack guys...

$170 for a sequencer, keyboard, vco, filter adsr, delay, mixer and speaker???

This is modular synthesis applied to its complete core....No need for expensive racks and expensive Power supplies,...the guys at Korg really nailed it down to a simple and practical thing...seeing this thing grow will be amazing..

A new format, simple, cheap, open source so it will grow and grow and grow with lots of companies proposing crazy things, Filters, VCO, anything... into a small, cheap and easy to module format...will be able to connect to anything and any standard...the sky will be the limit with this thing...

I am glad about it because this is an interesting step on, look at the size of these and the price, for 2 grand you can setup a crazy polyphonic modular synth that fits in your lunch box...who wil buy Euro after that???

Just wait for Makenoise and Tiptop proposing things in this new format :-)
I doubt it would spell the end of Eurorack hihi
5U format is still around and afaik, won't be going away anytime soon.

Ultimately, this is still quite "toy-like" to really be taken seriously as a "musician's tool".
An experimenter's instrument would probably be as far as it would go.

But with Creative Commons, things could get different in future, when/if others start getting in and start to develop it and taking it places, but until these happens, Korg may be the only one in this! d'oh!
But very forward thinking of Korg to get into this!

In any case, it's definitely great for my industry which is music education! thumbs up
Wow! This is so cool! hyper hyper

Excited to see how this develops. It would be great to see modular companies run with it.
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