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frac users going MOTM = e.a.s.y.
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Author frac users going MOTM = e.a.s.y.
i know it seems like a hassle to go to other formats.
but i wanted to point something out.
except for the +5v motm modules (the 650 at this point), all you need is:

a set of motm rack rails @$40
5 available spaces in a rack

...and thats pretty much it. your motm modules love blacet supplies.
the biggest hassle is the jack conversion...which is not really a big deal.
you can build your own conversion cables or have metalbox build you a utility strip to do the conversion. or buy a conversion panel from motm. or build your own! its pretty easy.

i think the motm filters alone are worth firing up a rack of motm for, and bridechamber is making so many really nice and inexpensive panels these days for awesome circuit designs.
The reverse is also true – you can mount Blacet modules on MOTM panels. Stooge Panels (if they're still in business) makes panels for several Blacet modules. There are several versions of the MiniWave for people who want voltage-controlled bank switching, etc.
The Alison Project
Also Blacet and MOTM cv's are different.

Blacet takes and puts out 0-10V.
MOTM takes and puts out 0-5V.

So if using Blacet cv's you need to attenuate 1/2. Easy enough.

If wanting to use a MOTM cv's you only get 5V, so you need a 2X gain to get it the full 0-10V sweep on Blacet cv in's.

I am currently converting all my modules to the 0-5V standard that MOTM and Modcan use, so all my Blacet modules are slowly getting modified.
yes, i did agonize over voltage level differences until i patched up a motm EG into my motm LP filter and it did not sweep it from top to bottom. but not being able to sweep a filter from subaudio to 20k (or an oscillator for that matter) doesnt really bother me that much anymore...since its a theoretical problem that usually doesnt have any effect on what i patch and what i like to hear.

the one module that i modified for 5v p-p was the blacet quad vca, which was worthwhile.

many designs in motm have attenuators at the inputs, making scaling of large CVs from blacet (for example) manageable. and they dont rely on front panel grounding, which has been a bit of a hassle for me recently.
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