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Lately I have been feeling like a lot of people still don't know about Snazzy FX.

Feeling like there must be a way to reach more people and get them interested.

Lots of people might have an opinion on our panels, but I think less have tried the modules out.

Many people might not even know what they do.

SO-for those of you who are fans (and btw thanks so much for your continued support) I would like to give you the chance to get some big discounts on upcoming modules (and or stompboxes which are coming back in 2014)

All you have to do is this

make a really cool video for some snazzy fx modules which gets a lot of hits

Or make some really great sound cloud files which show you using your Snazzy FX modules in a way which will get others interested (maybe with comments about setup and how to get such sounds and start a thread or something.

or write a really great novel about you and your Chaos Brother

write up a PDF tutorial for the Chaos Brother or the Dreamboat (two of the most misunderstood) or maybe a tutorial for the Ardcore on making a program or something.

i don't creative.

I thought of this because someone was saying in a thread that they heard that if you make a youtube video for a module and it gets 1,000 hits, then you will get a huge discount.

and I thought, well that sounds fair. I will definitely honor that arrangement.

it would be great to have stuff coming from you.

I love making these modules.

And I want to make many more. So this promotion would really help.

If you want to do something really outlandish, maybe check with me first ( I don't think Ill give you a discount for running Naked through the streets with Snazzy FX painted on your chest....though I might give you an award)


let me know if you have questions or if you think this whole thing is just stupid
good idea and a nice thank you to someone who gets motivated and makes a good video.

my videos are generally just a "here's what it sounds like" kind of thing w/some basic info.

i am still super excited about the W/F. here's the noodle i recorded when i first got it... if i come up w/something else interesting and do a video i'll drop it here or in your in box or something. the W/F is a fav module.. i love it. it's unique in the world of delays and i can't understand why every one of them hasn't been snatched up yet!
This is my contribution

Let me know if I should update or clarify anything!

Snazzy FX Ardcore+Expander: Clocks and Drums

Inspired by Grids, RCD, Cloq+CEX, 4MS QCD and more.

Patch info:
Blue cable: HD mk1 controlled by Maths
White cable: Noise controlled by ADSRjr
Black cable: Noise through Polivoks filter controlled by ADSRjr
Gray cable: Piston Honda mk1 through AS Chorus/Reverb controlled by Maths

Clock and drum pattern sketches for the Ardcore + Expander from SNAZZY FX
Feed a clock in "Clock in" for external beat. Set A1 to more than 0 for internal beat.
The clock in toggles between D0 and D1 to open and close.
Programs are set with A0. 1, 2, 3... etc from CCW to CW

1. Cycle Program
2. Halves Program
3. Divider Program
4. Drum Program Use A3 to set different drum patterns.

A2 controls probablility of output for triggers. Set A2 full CCW for no randomization and turn it CW for increased "drop out" of trig outs.
There is a 1 second signal as the program is changed.

Get the code here:
When I eventually get my Ardcore, I plan to do a few videos of audio rate pitch CV stuff I had running on my Arduino ages ago!

(in fact, I think the audio is still on my soundcloud but as its not Ardcore specific I wont post it here smile )

Nice one BTW Alwaysnew!
this is an awesome idea

problem is...i dont have any snazzy modules yet :(
I've been working on a tutorial/documentation for using the Ardcore with openFrameworks. Will post soon. Thanks dan.
I hope my humble blog for french modular addicts will help you get known !
I've had very good feedbacks on the interview we did.
Still waiting to gather a bit of funds and then I will have a wow and flutter and plan on doing many videos on my website and youtube. smile

now to find out why I am always broke... seriously, i just don't get it

I am working on it though I promise.
FYI wife was totally disappointed when I told her the Running naked idea fell flat.
I'm a gonna a-try a to borrow my buddies camera and get a dreamboat video going. raunchy-as-f*ck. SlayerBadger!
shits hotter than traci lords circa 1980
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