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My Lamond Case
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Author My Lamond Case
I'm very pleased to finally be able to create this thread! Ross delivered my case weeks ago but I've not had the time until now to install my modules, take some pics, and upload something here!

This is my first foray into modulars, but it's something I've been keen to do for years. I guess it could be seen as a risk to go straight in with one from Ross rather than dip my toe in the water with an off-the-shelf one. But I was pretty sure I wouldn't regret this move - I've always dreamed of getting a wooden case like this - and so far I'm very, very pleased with my decision.

Ross is an absolute star. He really is. He talked me through various options, and even sourced a special oil for coating the wood as I have a nut allergy. I took his advice and went for four Zeus rails - a more expensive option, but I was keen not to run out of power before I ran out of space. I see this thing as a long term investment, so I sacrificed buying a few modules to get lots of power!

In terms of the modules I've gone for... I see this as a starting point. I got some of the modules I really liked the look / sound of, plus a few Doepfer 'bread and butter' modules that I would understand straight away - thought this was a sensible approach for a newbie.

So far I'm loving the Moskwas & Ostankino - they work just as I expected. The Pittsburgh delay and A-199 sound gorgeous and give me the 'Radiophonic Workshop' vibe that I hoped they would. Edges is brilliant - I love chiptune sounds and this delivers a take on them, and it's fantastic to have four voices in such a compact unit. And it's really interesting comparing the Doepfer ADSR and VCA to the Make Noise stuff: my initial impression is there is a place for both approaches in my system. Oh... One last thing... I'm well pleased I got both flavours of A-138 mixer - coz CV mixing is lots of fun!

Also, feel I should give a shout out to the guys at London Modular; Andy and EDMS; and David at Post Modular. All have been very helpful and supportive over the past few months.

Current rack and SoundCloud links in my signature - have uploaded a couple of experiments with my new toy.



Part way through building in Ross's workshop:

Fully built but empty:

Message in a synth case:

Rear shot of power supply inlets / power switches:

Installing the A-199:

Filled case:

In action:

hey thx brother twas a pleasure and I love the moody shots with all the blank panels.
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