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The Hex Zone has entered the building
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Author The Hex Zone has entered the building
i repeat.. the Hex Zone has entered the building!

folk yeah!! i'll do my darnedest to post up a demo tonight!

PS: i don't know why but i pictured it being so larger than life. probably because of it's capabilities i suppose. but it really seems tiny to me now.

i think i love her love

really stupidly long demo of me just fartin around. don't get excited folks. i'm gonna put this thing to much MUCH better use.

but i'll still say for just dickin off this definately gives you atleast a hint at the power of the HEX.

this is just 16 steps. with the large amounts of sequences you can program and chain together you could really create a vast composition with this thing.

i'm too frickin thrilled.

here's a much shorter version that's closer to my tastes.

self playing. i didn't do shit after some minor reprogramming. same patch as before minus a couple voices and the lfo's(which are plugged into every other step) are fm'ing the VCO courtesy of the switch out.
okay last one and then i'm gonna put it to some real use.

same patch but with the extra voices brought back and the tempo controlled by a slow square lfo in the ext clock jack.
Cool patches!
futuresoundsystems wrote:
Cool patches!

haha. yeah it's funny because i don't even have access to all my modules. i had to take out my I/O and Klang just to make room for the Hex. Not to mention my Stonzphase and mult/atten so I could fit the VCS and dual ad. but i got a case on the way so no big woop.

it'll all be up and running. the only thing is now i want a 2nd VCO more then ever. with the HEX being able to spit out two seperate CV's i'd really like to get some good duophony going.

in these patches i used the VCS and Filthy Filtre as my 2nd and 3rd oscillators. of course they are never gonna mesh tone wise very well with the VCO but it's still cool to have the extra voices.

the VCS & FF are both being ran off the 2nd cv from the HEX.

one weird thing i noticed if you listen to the 2nd clip i posted is it has kind of a reverbish sound to it. which is really FRESH considering i didn't have my actual reverb unit hooked up.
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