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Running out of mults etc
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Author Running out of mults etc

I am fairly new to all this modular business since I've only had my system for a few weeks now. But a reoccuring problem is multis and the like.
I have what I consider to a be reasonable amount for my fairly little system, but I'm already running out (and half of my system isn't here yet!).

So what do you all do? How many have you got?

My first to racks now consist of 2xVCO, 2xEG, LFO, Bugcrusher, PTDelay, Dual lowpassgate, 2xDual VCA, BugBrand CTL-1 touchplate sequencer thing.

For this I have a mixer/processor, Mixer, Splitter, 2xmults on the rack ears.

I would have thought this to be plenty, but no. And I have two more racks coming!

What is the rule of thumb? How many have you got?

(And to those of you who instisted on me getting mixers and mults: Thank you!)
you could get a 1U 19" panel from metalbox :)

can also turn your rack ears into mults

ad infinitum sells 19" mult panels as well.

Those look great! I'll probably get Ad infinitums one while ordering some more cables.

I suspect one uses as many as one has (both cables and multis). Is this true? smile
Sorry to jump in as a sales guy, but I'm selling two Frac mult panels - each a 1/2 Frac rack space. Engraved. Cascading with switching jacks. I was asking for $50 for the pair.

You can see one of the two here between the Noise Ring and VCS.

i use short y-cord adapters... always where you need 'em, chain 'em together to get more multi... i hate wasting panel space for mults.

i found myself multing nearly everything when i had few modules
now i dont mult as much
but one of those 4-way x 3 mults is nearly perfect per rack or two.
I too ran out and I sort of resent losing 0.5 space especially when most of the time it's just a mult I want, not an attenuator. Like another poster I added a 1U strip, mine was from Ad Infintum..there are several people that offer them now.
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