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My new STG Modules Arrive!
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Author My new STG Modules Arrive!
Got a great box in the Post yesterday. STG Voltage Mini Store Module, my last one out of an order of three. My very own Mankato Filter, this thing is very cool. And My very own custom made Extra-Special Fancy Ass Mixer.

I put them in my cabinet while I had a hairy (with cables) patch up that I was composing with...
Very Tricky! But it worked.
Everything is badass, especially the 3 Mini Store with Shift Manager, Trigger Store, and Time Buffer.

It all kicks butt. Nice job STG

Scot Solida
Nice! I got my STG box yesterday too and, coincidentally enough, it contained my third Voltage Mini Store along with a Shift Manager. Mmmmm, that Mankato looks so nice! (and the Extra Special Fancy-Ass Mixer is pretty cool, too!).

You're going to have a good weekend, I bet!
The output gain reminds me of my last girlfriend prior to getting married...

The STG Makato is one of those: "I'll break your fucking fingers off if you even try to steal it." modules... and I'm not even tough and bad-ass or nuthin... scrawny... chicken legs... 3 chest hairs... but I'd throw down with my 13-old-girl upper body.
awesome! you will love that mankato! try feeding one of it's outs back into the attenuted input (while self resonating). changes wave shape. totally awesome!
enjoy stg is great!
Suit And Tie Guy! Eel Power FTW!
Thanks dude,

I'll try that, I got some pretty mean feedback and a really nice bass out of it last night. It may be one of the best filters out there.!

Yeah, when I got the Fancy assed mixer I thought of an old girlfriend too.
yeah it is a wonderful module. i use it as an lfo and oscillator MUCH more than as a filter. my favorite filter trick is to take the 0 and 225 degree outs simultaneously. mix to taste. any single out of the filter doesn't quite get the right sound for me but seeing as how you have 8 different outs in innumerable combos to choose from, there is no shortage of possibility.
computer controlled

thumbs up
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