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F'ing Frac
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Author F'ing Frac
You know Frac is dieing when an Oakley Ring Mod sells for $48 (retails for $170) on Ebay. very frustrating

Granted, it's not a super popular module but I was hoping to get at least $100. Somebody got a really great deal I guess.

Bah, I should have just hung on to it.
I know what you mean, I tried selling a bunch of the Frac stuff I built, and the final bids didn't even cover the cost of the front panels (good thing I put a reserve on them) now they are just sitting on a shelf in the basement. Once I sell the house and get moved, I'll look at making some 5u panels for the circuits, I've pretty much given up on Frac.

It's all small jacks?

It works?

so use it. thumbs up
Yes, it seems to be a huge draw towards Euro lately.

The bright prospects of Blacet and Wiard 1200 are gone. However, I'm still happy with my Blacet and DIY stuff. Tinfoil Hat
instant 15v compatibility with 5u modules will ensure frac survives i think.

blacet aint dead! GO BLACET

and there is some real interesting stuff going on in DIY right now!
haricots wrote:
Bah, I should have just hung on to it.

You really have to put things out using Fixed Price in this economy, at least for a few weeks. It took a couple times getting burned on selling shit wayyyy to cheap to realize that.
I must be Mr Contrary!

I've been putting together a euro system for a number years now and have just started down the Frac path. The way things are going I'll have filled 2 Blacet racks by Christmas. I think the offerings of both formats complement each other rather nicely.

frac is certainly NOT dead or dying here.

what do you mean by saying the bright prospects of blacet have gone? gone where? they were still in business the last time i looked.

frac rules for me, and i way prefer its general aesthetic to euro. i actually hate euro, there i said it!
Babaluma wrote:

frac rules for me, and i way prefer its general aesthetic to euro. i actually hate euro, there i said it!
don't anger the massive horde!
Babaluma wrote:
i actually hate euro, there i said it!

I'm glad it's not just me! thumbs up

And although I sold a chunk of my Frac system, I love every module I kept. With bananas I love it even more. I don't think my setup has ever been this much fun!

I do worry about Blacet sometimes though. Every other manufacturer that has abandoned Frac has just refocused 100% Euro, but Blacet doesn't seem to have such plans.
I guess I'll hop in here. Only three people signed up at AH for the Frac SoS wait list. I think the DIY leanings of Frac have made it a very difficult proposition for us small manufacturers.

Me? I actually think it is a pretty slick format; but anything that caters well to the homebrew crowd has historically gone out with a whimper (think Heathkit, Erector sets, etc.. Hell, I want some Lincoln Logs, those would make an AWESOME rack case!).

I want to help you guys out if I can, so I'm making another attempt: If I can get 30 prepaid orders, I will do a special run of the SoS in Frac - including banana jacks (with toggle switches for the switched jacks) if desired.
That's awesome, but are there even 30 of us left? I have this feeling that so long as there are FoH barebones, there will be FoH Frac modules. Seems most people in the format are willing to do some DIY from time to time (and with the barebones packs, it's really minimal DIY!)
Thanks for the support flight! I'd be down for a SOS in banana frac and would definitely prepay for one. I'm always willing to try to support small manufacturers, especially ones who build in frac.

But I think parasitk is right, I don't know if we still have 30 of us actively building frac still. And the barebones kits are so fantastic, that your modules will always be open to frac.

Although, with the recent sales of bugbrand modules, it seems that it sparked a bit of life back into the frac scene. We haven't had this many posts in the frac subforum over the past month since I was just browsing this forum over a year ago. So who knows, maybe the new guys will be gung ho and get some frac SOS's?
i'm in a weird position because i have finished my frac modular and am not currently looking for any other frac modules, but i would really hate to see the format die out. i've never been into d.i.y. either. dunno what i'm trying to say really? i guess i'd just be emotionally sad to see it go.

john blacet promised a new delay and a replacement for the quad mix/vca a long time ago, but there has been no news since. i hope they are doing ok. i have never had anything but the best service from john and blacet.
Babaluma wrote:
what do you mean by saying the bright prospects of blacet have gone?

Obviously something totally different than you have seemingly understood. eek!

I APOLOGIZE FOR THIS! It was absolutely not my intention to claim that Blacet as a manufacturer is or will be dead any time. Honestly I'm a Blacet fan boy. I'm not a native speaker and every now and then a linguistic accident occurs. d'oh!

However I did not write about the "prospects of Blacet" but
e-grad wrote:
"of Blacet and Wiard
That "and" actually made my point since I was and still am very happy with my Blacet and (few) Wiards and have sold almost all my Euro stuff. w00t

Others seem to go the other way round. A few years ago you hardly come across 2nd hand Blacet stuff which is now quite common. Off course there are several reasons for this: economy, there are more Fracs around etc.

Wiard in Euro and stuff like the Math and QMMG make this format more interesting to people who I think would have drawn their attention to Frac a few years ago. As perceived by Flight who's hardly selling Frac. I hope his posting made more clear what I mean by "prospects". A word which possibly has a connotation I'm not aware of.

I have 8 racks of Frac (still growing) opposed to 2 rows of Euro (not growing) . I am stronlgy biased towards Blacet ever since I've bought my first module from him. love

I probably was not wearing my tin foil hat which usually prevents me from such misunderstandings. Tinfoil Hat
I always assumed Blacet made most sales thru kits, new product development does seem to be an issue tho, but, as it stands Blacet is one of the few firms offering a complete, put a bow on it, synthesis system... Frac is far more DIY friendly tho, cheap / deep racks, fixed panel sizes, yaddayaddayadda.

Maybe the SoS pre-sale notice should be posted over @ e-m... lots more fraccers there than here (& all the frac users here are much more un-assuming / loud than our euro brethren)

One thing is for sure; its a bad time to be selling frac modules... but, a freakin great time to be buyin em!
DGTom wrote:
One thing is for sure; its a bad time to be selling frac modules...

I disagree..!
I did actually mean on the 2nd hand market - as per the OPs experiance... but; you don't count Tom! You're selling BugBrand modules, not Frac razz
ok e-grad got it! no worries!

i'd still really like to see the replacement for the quad mix/vca.
I also love frac, but one aspect of euro-modules that attracts people is that a lot of the new stuff that's coming out is really flat, and therefore nice to build into flat cases etc. Frac modules (at least the Blacet ones) tend to be rather deep. And large. So, one somewhat complete Frac-system will always be a really voluminous affair.

I'm going rather minimal now (not the musical genre), as i have confined myself to using only one small case with 2 x 3u modules and the 2u Wiard 311 New Controller. One Row Frac, one row Euro. To me that's the most flexible route to take. But i still have another fracrack and psu and a few modules that i might use in a second case one day... if I had more space and money to build a huge modular wall, i would definitely buy much more frac-stuff.

But i agree, it's somehow sad to see that only Euro seems to be the big thing now and frac modules don't draw that much attention.
I also hope to see some new developments from Blacet.
Who knows; maybe he'll surprise us with a new module in the new year.

BugBrand is developing a unique and complete system of its own at a very healthy pace.
His primary focus may be the banana system, but his 3.5mm jack modules interface perfectly with the rest of Frac.

I currently have 6 over-flowing racks of Frac, and have started adding Euro modules to compliment my core Frac system.

I think the Euro-only people are missing out if they don't consider adding some of the Frac exclusive modules to their systems.

There may not be new modules every month like there seem to have been with Euro lately, but people are still buying brand new, ready built Frac modules.
It doesn't seem at all 'dead' to me.

In response to the OP:
Give us a link to your ebay auctions in the Buy/Sell/Trade section and they are not as likely to end so low.
I didn't see this auction at all.
You'd be better off putting a reserve price on it too.

Heads up: there is a Blacet Filthy Filtre on ebay now.
Cat-A-Tonic wrote:
Heads up: there is a Blacet Filthy Filtre on ebay now.

Amazingly he had to re-list it! No one bit at the first auction. It's the same module which is offered here: t

Babaluma wrote:
i'd still really like to see the replacement for the quad mix/vca.

If the old QuadVCA will do the job here is one FS: t
Frac is Dead!, Long Live Frac! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
I recently joined the frac club, and think it's a fantastic format.
I really hope it doesn't wither in the shadow of Euro.
Going to email Shawn right now to get on the SoS list, even if it never reaches 30.
i have the old quad mix vca already. it's a great mixer, but it is stuck in exponential mode, has a useless 75/100dB switch, and can't be used as four independent vcas. i'd like to see all that changed on the new version (as long as it remains 2 units wide!)
That 75/100db switch is pretty wierd huh? I wish I had the schem. so I could see what it was doing.

I like the expo. response, the bias knob & the really stupid hard distortion it does. To me its more like a Voltage Controlled Mixer than a VCA & I almost always run ABC out into D in to create a 3 -> 1 mixer. The crazy thing about it is how differant it sounds with differant envelope generators. My Metalbox Dual ADs get so much louder than the EG1s, great for drum patches, the lack of seperate outs for each VCA has never been a problem for me.

Would totally like to see it updated tho.
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