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WARNING! Gear101 (now known as Gearaudio101) is back yet again, behind a proxy yet again, and is sending PMs and emails to users offering their WTB items. THIS GUY IS A CROOK, A WELL KNOWN SCAMMER. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM!

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    Site Stuff  
No new posts Announcements - Please read!
Important announcements about the forum and other sites.
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No new posts Shop Talk
Discuss the MW Store here, your requests, concerns, complaints, suggestions......
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    Modular Synths  
No new posts Modular Synth General Discussion
Anything modular synth related that is not format specific.
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No new posts 5U Format Modules
ModCan, Moog,, MOTM, Cynthia and others..... Go big!
3996 88773
No new posts Buchla, EMS & Serge
Discussing some incredible modules that don't quite fit into the other forum categories.
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No new posts Eurorack Modules
Cwejman, Livewire, TipTop Audio, Doepfer etc... Get your euro on!
31715 659493
No new posts Fractional Rack Modules
Blacet, Metalbox, Synthasonic, PAiA and the rest.... a frac frenzy!
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No new posts Play Out! Performance Modulars
Live patching, designs, and techniques that push the performance envelope.
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    Other Music Gear  
No new posts General Gear
Any music gear discussions that don't fit into one of the other forums.
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No new posts Guitars, Basses, Amps & FX
A place for the string slingers, pedal freaks and amp snobs in our midst.
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No new posts Music Software
Reaktor, MAX/MSP, VST/AU, etc. A place for all things soft....
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No new posts Music Tech DIY
From circuitbending to homebrew stompboxes & synths, keep the DIY spirit alive!
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No new posts Video Synthesis
Discussion of modular and standalone video generating/processing techniques and associated hardware.
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No new posts Artist Discussion
Discuss the music that you love to hear.
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No new posts Production Techniques
Discuss everything related to production, recording, composition, etc.
1113 17057
No new posts Synth Noise
Discussing gear, production, and ideas for making noise music. Enough JMJ, let's rock like Merzbow!
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No new posts Your Tunes Here
A place to post links to your music, upload tracks and promote yourself.
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    Official Company Forums - Proudly Hosted at Muff's!  
No new posts ADDAC System
New Interfaces for Analog Synthesizers.
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No new posts Alyseum
Discussion and support for Alyseum products.
24 218
No new posts Amazing Machines
Support and discussion for Amazing Machines products.
19 140
No new posts AMSynths
Discussion and support for the AMSynths range of analog synthesizer modules.
53 776
No new posts AniModule
Grow Some Hair On Your Chest.
22 141
No new posts BugBrand Devices
Modular and other sound devices from BugBrand.
662 8187
No new posts Ciat-Lonbarde
home of post-70s electronics
525 10882
No new posts Circuit Abbey
Confess your sins here. Prayers optional.
7 22
No new posts DAEDSound
DAEDSound - Disagreeable Auditory Experience Designs. Need we say more? Yes, come on in!
13 30
No new posts Dwarfcraft Devices
Effects pedals, Euro modules, and education.
8 58
No new posts Epinasty
Etched Metal, Circuit-Bending & Designs of Luigi LaValle
17 646
No new posts Expert Sleepers
Discussion and support for Expert Sleepers' Silent Way software and hardware.
2633 21515
No new posts Flight of Harmony
Gear, Suggestions and Discussion.
278 4126
No new posts fonitronik
News & Discussion
10 45
No new posts Future Sound Systems
Discussion & support for FSS products.
28 229
No new posts Electronics
DIY projects and modules for musical synthesis by
146 920
No new posts I Dream Of Wires
Discussions and information relating to the upcoming Modular Synthesizer Documentary.
105 2222
No new posts KOMA Elektronik
Discussion and support for KOMA Elektronik effects pedals, eurorack gear and all the other stuff we do...
90 824
No new posts Macro Machines
Digital Control For You Analog Soul
6 34
No new posts Magpie Modular
A Portland based collective focused on creating high quality artistic & functional panels for modular synths.
11 30
No new posts Mattson Mini Modular
Dedicated forum for the MMM synth modules, both production and DIY units.
79 1171
No new posts Metasonix
A place to discuss the brutal yellow evil we all love so much.
947 12323
No new posts nw2s
Discussion, support, and resources for our noise making modules and kits.
67 885
No new posts Oakley Sound Systems
Discussion and support for users and builders of Oakley Sound musical products.
857 5323
No new posts RackPlanner
Downloads, information and resources for the RackPlanner software.
29 502
No new posts Ross Lamond Designs
Working with wood.
38 235
No new posts SNAZZY FX
Discussion and Support for our Atmospheric Modification Devices.
128 1641
No new posts soundmachines
Support and discussion for soundmachines products.
54 685
No new posts STG Soundlabs
Discussion and support for STG Soundlabs modules of all formats.
210 3152
No new posts Synthetic Sound Labs
Discussion and support for Synthetic Sound Labs modules and devices.
48 330
No new posts Synthrotek
Assembly, Troubleshooting, Mods and Community.
34 314
No new posts Tenori-On
Yamaha shut down all support - let this instrument live on here!
40 544
No new posts The Harvestman
Digital Audio Electronics - discussion & support.
712 11840
No new posts Totalmusik
Harness the Future of Yesterday Today!
5 85
No new posts TouellSkouarn
Re ziwezhat eo da harz, Pa vez aet ar beg e-barzh
12 141
No new posts Trouby Modular
Controllers for Moog format systems - official discussion & support.
27 137
No new posts Tubbutec
Support and discussion of Tubbutec products.
63 295
No new posts Volta
Discussion and support for MOTU's Volta software.
154 1750
No new posts Wiard
Discussion and support for Wiard Products
291 4413
No new posts Zerosum Inertia
Handmade synthesizer artifacts.
43 487
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