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by mightycoco
Tue Feb 11, 2020 6:25 am
Forum: Eurorack Modules
Topic: Minor Problems with BMC011 Wave Animator
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Minor Problems with BMC011 Wave Animator

Hi Guys, built a BMC011. When an Signal is connected, it works perfectly. Sounds great and phat. However, if nothing is connected to IN but the OUT is going to the mixer, there is an oscilating signal jumping from rail to rail (haven't checked with an osci, yet). The speed of it changes when changin...
by mightycoco
Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:45 am
Forum: Music Tech DIY
Topic: DIY Mutable successfull builds hall of fame
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I'm really longing to build some clouds and elements modules. But I can't find any BOMS and where to place which element. Will I get a build plan when I order a PCB? Like which resistor goes to what place? The only stuff I could find where some incomplete Mouser projects. But they don't tell me, wha...

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