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No new posts Sticky: Squiggletronics RackPlanner Library - API information 6 918
No new posts Sticky: Schemas 23 3280
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No new posts Welcome to the RackPlanner forum! 3 1777
No new posts problem downloading BugBrand library 6 871
No new posts saving jpeg on mac 4 904
No new posts PatchPad - module reference / patch editor / panel mapper 11 1674
No new posts RackPlannerAndroid 14 2014
No new posts Why not 'merge' all these planners? 41 4377
No new posts Download all euro modules 4 1355
No new posts annoying planner error, canĀ“t delete modules, help! 7 1049
No new posts Module Library - Want to help out? 20 2993
No new posts Module Library & Module Maker - Next Generation? 8 1200
No new posts Serge (STS) RackPlanner 1 828
No new posts Old Blacet Modules 2 1152
No new posts Rack Planner does Buchla 15 2706
No new posts NoClassDefFoundError with OpenJRE (Ubuntu) 4 1583
No new posts Rack Planner does Modcan B 30 4792
No new posts RACK-O-MATIC on ModuleMaker for RackPlanner 2 1079
No new posts Weird effect running RackPlanner on Mac 6 1249
No new posts Rack Planner does Eardrill Module Module 6 1267
No new posts Encore Frequency Shifter 0 991
No new posts Bug: Showstopper problem with latest Mac Java version? 1 833
No new posts euro150_HP.jpg (for euro Monorocket-Lexington) 4 1086
No new posts Bug: When a module ZIP cannot be found ... 0 754
No new posts Feature request: Multiple selections in the file browser 1 840
No new posts Rack Planner Does Wiard 0 862
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