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FINALLY! I believe I have gotten to the bottom of the invalid session and logout issues. Please continue to report your own experience in the appropriate threads in the "Forum Discussion and Requests" subforum. Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

Future Sound Systems
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No new posts Announcement: Welcome to the FSS Subforum! 1 1051
Sticky Topics
No new posts Sticky: FSS Stock Checker 21 3482
No new posts MX9 9x9 Pin Matrix Module 0 24
No new posts Spectral Devastator Calibration 3 221
No new posts New stuff! Australia, videos, Eurorack accessories 7 2167
No new posts Passive vactrol-based VCA anyone? 12 3132
No new posts NEW! Voltage Disperser UT1 utility module 0 336
No new posts Spectral Devastator - New VCF from FSS 32 6603
No new posts FSS Spectral Devastator woes ! 1 392
No new posts Spectral Devastators now at Matttech Modular! 0 331
No new posts FSS Mutable Instuments Shruthi Max4Live editor now available 0 608
No new posts NEW! SW1 "Whitehall" passive quad switch 4HP modul 6 1452
No new posts New AJAK3 - +Green, -Red - Available now! 0 487
No new posts Subscribe to the FSS newsletter! 2 532
No new posts Convulsion Generator REDESIGN (skiff friendly, acrylics) 12 3083
No new posts FSS now has Instagram! 0 452
No new posts Watch out California... 9 1657
No new posts NEW STUFF! APOW3 10-pin to 16-pin adapter w/ 5V converter! 2 1266
No new posts FSS now has Twitter! 0 845
No new posts FIL1 Convulsion Generator - NEW MODULE 41 6775
No new posts Pseudo-polyphony with the Decade Counter DC1 3 1054
No new posts AJAK demos? 2 878
No new posts LOG1 Boolean Modifier 4 1619
No new posts GM Tube / Geiger Counter module 11 2697
No new posts powering Future Sound Systems DC1 1 1004
No new posts New website! 4 1041
No new posts Future Sound Systems. 6 1468
No new posts NPN1 Transistor Astable 0 898
No new posts Future Sound Systems Decade Counter DC1 demo up on Youtube 23 4267
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