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Modular Synth General Discussion
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No new posts Sticky: N00bies, spend some time here!!! Very helpful. 598 74291
No new posts Sticky: Post pics of your modular/studio setup! 3062 547728
No new posts Sticky: Sticky for sharing problems with shops and vendors 4 129
No new posts Sticky: Good experiences with modular builders/companies 226 32311
No new posts Sticky: Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing 147 49269
No new posts Sticky: Picture showing many modular formats 68 23801
No new posts Sticky: Module Current Draw Database 85 21267
No new posts Your "Ah-Hah" moment with modular 330 36872
No new posts Show us your patch cable holders! 92 9028
No new posts How do you stay productive with your rig? 17 346
No new posts Simplicity vs Possibilities vs Time for Music 26 826
No new posts Microtonal tunings with modular 29 3625
No new posts Steve Porcaro's Polyfusion System Is Being Restored 27 744
No new posts which US shops are best for trading modules? 3 169
No new posts Testing grounding in a multi-format system 9 586
No new posts Setting up a cv as offset for filter/volume accent? 5 94
No new posts Modular Memes 1242 239104
No new posts New optical hybrid computer/ synth 9 799
No new posts Where to start. Make Noise - Serge 44 2410
No new posts Noob thread with too many questions about a pair 4 114
No new posts This is the coolest filter I've ever heard 25 2257
No new posts Pocket Oscillscopes 26 750
No new posts WTF Oscillator 19 946
No new posts mother 32 and no coast 6 169
No new posts Marilyn Monroe Case 38 855
No new posts anyone done business with 77 7188
No new posts Kraftzwerg dual adsr help please 4 56
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Noob thread - my first step into modular... 12 123
No new posts noob question re: oscillators + multi-voice/poly/detune 12 393
No new posts Deriving additional random voltages from a single noise+S&am 6 136
No new posts More on Phase vs Frequency modulation 17 402
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Anyone ordered from Ladik recently? 0 13
No new posts How do you write „songs“ on a modular system? 43 2032
No new posts Getting realistic drum sounds with minimal module count 5 346
No new posts Christian Henson's Modular Mondays 17 832
No new posts Nord Modular thread 913 80113
No new posts Help understanding comparator 9 255
No new posts Tangible Waves AE Modular - new entry-level system 41 3078
No new posts Which Drumcomputer for my Eurorack? 12 549
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: power consumption % on Make Noise power bus board 4 121
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Stereo pedals to Modular... 3 42
No new posts [CONTEST] Design a new module and potentially win $2000 31 1536
No new posts Baltimore Wigglers 4 315
No new posts Keeping cats off your modular 51 2111
No new posts Understanding the Krell Patch 59 13070
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Quantizer Advice / Tips 2 11
No new posts Nature Patch examples 35 1988
No new posts Any DIY session in Paris for newbies? 2 83
No new posts So, what is generative? 49 1115
No new posts What level of "variability" between two Moog DFAM' 8 242
No new posts Time to catch up on some reading! 15 758
No new posts Is there a unique phrase your family uses for your modular? 115 5069
No new posts Panic Voice Data Distort Oscillator (small batch) 1 178
No new posts [ Poll ] Interested in a reprint of Allen Strange's Electronic Music? 16 806
No new posts Reason for a modular 30 948
No new posts another run of dudes fsr boxes 90 5877
No new posts Chaos Patch 24 1659
No new posts Videos of people patching from scratch? 62 3675
No new posts TTSH Idiot Proof User Guide 17 1571
No new posts your favorite touch controller 62 3401
No new posts Reaktor Blocks and the future of modular synthesis... 52 3356
No new posts Wrapping my head around Analog Shift Registers 13 647
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Stuck on drum modules 0 22
No new posts Cwejman still in business? 11 1416
No new posts Through Zero Oscillators 119 12357
No new posts Trouble sequencing Dominion 1 through CV/Gate 1 86
No new posts Arranging, editing, recording, finishing stuff, stresssss 2 217
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Bench Power Supply for a constant CV for Tuning purposes? 0 4
No new posts Stuck in time... 17 700
No new posts Envelope follower from drum machine outs = triggers? 12 247
No new posts Allen Strange - "Electronic Music..." exercises 184 18943
No new posts Expression pedals for CV 18 1590
No new posts *VIDEOS* Modular Happenings at Andertons UK! 27 909
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Clocking Grids with SQ1 and using Grids with DRM1 4 74
No new posts Archangel: The Unveiling 129 12369
No new posts what am i missing for live industrial and techno ? 1 188
No new posts Modular System Durability (Eurorack) 70 7067
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Effect of US tariffs on modular production 0 21
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: 2 pico drums or 2hp kick, snare & hi hat ? 0 14
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Cable by the meter.......many colours!? 3 39
No new posts Best ways to add variation to CV source? And best modules? 22 1185
No new posts Turning squares into malleable shapes 21 851
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: How to Connect a Eurorack to Hardware Synthesizer with Midi 11 154
No new posts Modular publications or blogs? 3 310
No new posts Synthesis 101 question 18 801
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Pit Modular Case & Knurlies 2 28
No new posts 0-Coast: I think I'm growing out of it 39 2952
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Oberheim Two Voice Pro Issues 13 1071
No new posts Folktek Mescaline is live on Indiegogo! 367 23258
No new posts arduino clock generator 0 162
No new posts Modular Synth Shops in Prague? 3 319
No new posts Ellistronics Monophonic Distorted Realm Explorer 1 188
No new posts Macbeth M5 4 555
No new posts Self generating and ideas ? 350 58281
No new posts µTune - Micro Tonal midi cv converter, quantizer, editor 310 15510
No new posts how to slow clock rate by a 1-2 % points with minimal setup? 35 800
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Looking for a bit of guidance (utility addons) DFAM+0Cst 0 8
No new posts Teaching Modular Synths 17 816
No new posts Phase comparator: how many different ways to patch? 16 804
No new posts Pittsburg Modular Lifeforms SV-1 and Korg SQ-1 5 494
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