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Modular Synth General Discussion
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No new posts Sticky: Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing 150 51861
No new posts Sticky: Post pics of your modular/studio setup! 3140 566858
No new posts Sticky: N00bies, spend some time here!!! Very helpful. 604 77595
No new posts Sticky: Sticky for sharing problems with shops and vendors 7 735
No new posts Sticky: Good experiences with modular builders/companies 228 34382
No new posts Sticky: Picture showing many modular formats 68 25763
No new posts Sticky: Module Current Draw Database 85 22494
No new posts Digital Effects Processor for all formats 26 589
No new posts Eurorack Coffeemaker 18 1297
No new posts How random is white noise, really, and how do I make it? 17 348
No new posts Did you get your copy of Patch & Tweak yet? 39 1323
No new posts Self generating and ideas ? 408 66040
No new posts Zappa, is this a Korg ps3200? 1 103
No new posts [ Poll ] Interested in a reprint of Allen Strange's Electronic Music? 49 2642
No new posts modular bingo card 50 1060
No new posts Running CV through reverb ? 15 1502
No new posts on not buying any more modules 130 5571
No new posts Paper on grounding 36 1009
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Erica Synths Dual Drive 0 15
No new posts Anyone have experience with the Koma Field Kit and FX? 6 428
No new posts Same voltage different frequency output on osc?? 21 510
No new posts Building a simple BUM-TSCHAK beat. 9 300
No new posts Lemur and modular connectivity 22 2004
No new posts audio from 1/4" jack to CV patch cables 10 204
No new posts What’s the most similar thing to Intellijel Metropolis but? 2 189
No new posts Elektor Formant in 2018? 7 307
No new posts Advice on starting my modular journey 18 386
No new posts High quality recording! (A thinly veiled plea for help) 12 258
No new posts Glitch/DJ master FX (Pioneer RMX or other) with modular 1 202
No new posts How do you approach starting a patch? The Methods 14 336
No new posts Do I have an earth loop problem or something more specific? 22 503
No new posts Excellent Modular Video Series for Noobs 2 162
No new posts Orgon Systems (Enigiser and Modular) incl sounds 128 19127
No new posts Class notes 75 2688
No new posts Modular Memes 1319 255335
No new posts Favorite Oscilloscopes 22 2124
No new posts Is it possible to patch wrong? And damage a module? 18 463
No new posts Commercial 85 2408
No new posts Hip Hop Producer moving into modular 16 611
No new posts µTune - Micro Tonal midi cv converter, quantizer, editor 379 19575
No new posts Videos of people patching from scratch? 72 5070
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Grau Modular Cases 0 30
No new posts Mutable Instruments CVPal 183 32689
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Best uses for 3.5mm stackables / multi splitters 3 33
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Dreadbox Case 168 - M2.5 or M3 screws? MIDI port? 1 15
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Omnimod by Macro Machines 1 15
No new posts Entropical Paradise (with Bird Call) - Douglas Leedy 21 2345
No new posts anyone done business with 92 8617
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Confessions of a Mad Man... 1 68
No new posts Synthacon filters...which one is the best? 35 3281
No new posts DrumBrute vs. Tip Top Eurorack (which way to go?) 41 2509
No new posts Banana jack to 3.5mm converter's? (not cable's) 10 451
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: No output on my new DPO 4 55
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Radiophonic magic 3 47
No new posts Ellitone Multi-Synth Firmware Released as Open Source Today 0 142
No new posts Steve Porcaro's Polyfusion System Is Being Restored 43 2322
No new posts What's the difference between a trigger and a gate? 14 8668
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No new posts Modular as effect (Reich, Fripp, Jeck, Fennesz, Niblock, ... 7 764
No new posts $12,500 to spend. EMS Synthi A vs Modular 85 5954
No new posts What is this modular thing gathering dust on my shelf... 32 1149
No new posts What 1/4 and 3.5mm patch cable brands should I use? 20 563
No new posts Fill up all slots or save HP with blanks? 12 362
No new posts Analog Sequencer Theory Non Quantize Moog 960 Melodies ? 2 220
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No new posts Triadex "The Muse" pics and sound clips. 71 6973
No new posts The joy and the pain: a patch crumbles to dust in the hand 19 817
No new posts Patch tear-down - the sad part of modular 32 887
No new posts Methods of organizing patch cables 7 333
No new posts Patcher's (Building) Block 1 214
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No new posts Is your case half full? or half empty? 36 776
No new posts Phase distortion synthesis 13 1438
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: 2hp Cat...? 1 40
No new posts "Deadmau5 on modular synths and more" 229 22812
No new posts Book buying suggestion 1 230
No new posts how good of a modular can i build with US$1000??? 95 4177
No new posts My very very rare semi-modular ! 20 3980
No new posts Do you consider modular synth a lifeform? 55 3376
No new posts Show us your patch cable holders! 95 11246
No new posts Evolving how to think about patches 9 428
No new posts Sending Modular Audio Output to DAW Interface? 17 643
No new posts Is down? 4 227
No new posts The new book on Modular Synthesis 41 3851
No new posts Does anyone make a patchcable holder with horizontal mounts? 10 496
No new posts Running out of rope 35 1813
No new posts Modular Synths and Jazz? 22 841
No new posts Gary 13 844
No new posts Ground noise issue 17 515
No new posts IDEA: Customizeable "modular" drum machine 8 454
No new posts Understanding the Krell Patch 66 16510
No new posts Make Noise bent power header pins - How to fix?? 9 303
No new posts AE Modular Tangible Waves 17 1204
No new posts More on Phase vs Frequency modulation 21 842
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Varigate and Voltage Block - Why do I need them? 0 8
No new posts Is there a definitive calculation to what is considered FM? 9 538
No new posts Erthenvar is closed 26 1787
No new posts Tell me about your brush with academia 75 2390
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. Tempo syncing Batumi? 3 332
No new posts Squishiest/smoothest modular filter? Think mutronics mutator 12 1679
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