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Modular Synth General Discussion
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No new posts Sticky: N00bies, spend some time here!!! Very helpful. 542 66269
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No new posts Yeah, but how does it work? 32 999
No new posts What are "bleeps and bloops" really? 24 544
No new posts Jumping In... 0-Coast or modules? 22 882
No new posts Is there a unique phrase your family uses for your modular? 68 1769
No new posts offset with cv input 15 204
No new posts Best modules for karplus strong? 60 5879
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: doepfer a-135-1 v2 - DC coupled - 'slow'? 0 3
No new posts Nord Modular thread 838 73141
No new posts How to + concept of OSC Tuning 24 705
No new posts If you were to start your modular journey over... 76 1783
No new posts Help! Horror show over here! Cat pee on modules!!! 33 1041
No new posts AE Modular Tangible Waves 8 251
No new posts Tired ears after half our of noodling 37 1038
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No new posts blippoo box 271 25726
No new posts Last 9 hp recommendations 2 47
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Time to start ordering modules! 6 52
No new posts Modulars and reverbs 110 3177
No new posts Senior Wigglers 64 2566
No new posts Affordances & Modular 22 535
No new posts µTune - Micro Tonal midi cv converter, quantizer, editor 226 10409
No new posts Workflow, module placement, and the order of the universe! 11 288
No new posts What is Ian Fritz Chaotica math formula? (chaos discussion) 84 1924
No new posts Analog network construction report for patch automation 119 4221
No new posts Personal research paper for generative music on modularsynth 12 434
No new posts Short error strewn history of the synth - BBC Radio 1 201
No new posts From Semi Modular to Modular - How many VCA's, Envelopes etc 8 318
No new posts You and Your Modular Synthezizers... 11 822
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: One for Kraftwerk completists next week on BBC radio 3 133
No new posts Resonance and feedback loops 2 187
No new posts House insurance - gear? (UK) 2 118
No new posts Do You Use A Mixer? 56 1857
No new posts Pure gorgeousness..... 31 1769
No new posts Average Module Durability / Stories of Destruction 5 280
No new posts Genius Anz?!?!? 2 191
No new posts Is there some optimal way to pull out all your cables... 43 1388
No new posts Building a computer inside a modular case 26 657
No new posts Frequency modulation question 3 183
No new posts [ Poll ] Poll: What do YOU create with your modular? 64 1543
No new posts The unofficial, half-assed, Muffs Book of Bad Ideas 101 15541
No new posts CV -> DMX? 11 1347
No new posts how do i get these dub chords? 197 22848
No new posts $12,500 to spend. EMS Synthi A vs Modular 50 2303
No new posts Clavia Nord Modular as a clock utility for modular synth 21 3013
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Guildford (UK) Modular Friends! 10 161
No new posts 19" rack for 1U tiles 6 152
No new posts effects pedals/ effect units that can take CV inputs?? 151 22619
No new posts Best cables for modular connecting? 9 335
No new posts Show us your patch cable holders! 84 7265
No new posts Patch cable holder/hanger thing! 5 348
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No new posts USB-MIDI2CVplus 3 197
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: mother 32 x 2 - doepfer a-110-1 - What next? 1 19
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Anyone ever used the LM3914 as a voltage divider 4 59
No new posts Vintage modular (HP 50's/60's test equipment) @de Toonzaal 15 1288
No new posts Just one more format... 20 1010
No new posts Waldorf KB37 Modular Keyboard 5 212
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Multitrack recording/ Tuning 1 28
No new posts Huang Modular 40 2221
No new posts Audio Through Buffered Mult — No Gotchas? 9 375
No new posts Anyone going to Synthfest UK today? 13 372
No new posts phase shifters and frequency shifters 21 714
No new posts looking for synthtech E340 "replacement" / saw ani 14 1070
No new posts Your patch recording system 82 4578
No new posts Thoughts on unique oscillators and DSP units 13 671
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Diving in: First setup draft 2 56
No new posts Difference and relationships between sequencers and... 10 473
No new posts Sixty Four Pixels MIDI to CV interface 7 529
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. Free: Strange, Electronic Music Systems, Techniques and Ctrl 3 311
No new posts New Kilpatrick synth! The Phenol... 907 71598
No new posts Country Wigglers... 33 901
No new posts Nord Drum 3P and modular 0 87
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Something New from Doc Sketchy 36 863
No new posts Oberkorn 3 analog sequencer: initial thoughts 25 4528
No new posts Macbeth Micromac 251 30057
No new posts Some beginners questions on waveforms and voltage 25 607
No new posts SSSR LABS WEBSITE SEEMS TO BE BLOCKED or otherwise unavailab 4 151
No new posts CV + MIDI clock generator!? 15 1626
No new posts Muting without a logic module 9 345
No new posts Rhythmic Inversion: patching challenge 11 416
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. 'Search' not working 5 240
No new posts Anybody else cringe at their old modular plans? 35 1067
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