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Modular Synth General Discussion
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No new posts Sticky: Post pics of your modular/studio setup! 3142 569079
No new posts Sticky: N00bies, spend some time here!!! Very helpful. 605 78350
No new posts Sticky: Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing 153 52582
No new posts Sticky: Sticky for sharing problems with shops and vendors 7 911
No new posts Sticky: Good experiences with modular builders/companies 228 34859
No new posts Sticky: Picture showing many modular formats 68 26079
No new posts Sticky: Module Current Draw Database 85 22756
No new posts Documenting Patches Idea 31 529
No new posts You can never have too many ... sequencers?! Attenuators?! 21 836
No new posts Black Knobs - new forum about modulars 63 3399
No new posts on the topic of not buying any more modules 206 8305
No new posts Syncing the LFO 6 273
No new posts This is what Cats REALLY want to do with our Synths 5 484
No new posts Nord Modular thread 956 85930
No new posts [ Poll ] Patch cord color - Do your patches follow a system? 44 2467
No new posts That satisfying feeling when i only have 5 modules... 8 988
No new posts Case layouts, changing approaches... 19 722
No new posts 2 generations later..... still no rival to the Easel? 76 2741
No new posts The Simple Patching Tricks You Never Thought About Thread. 192 30126
No new posts Voltage Controlled Surround Panning via Expert Sleepers ES-8 3 68
No new posts Who sings into/with modulars? 31 1063
No new posts modular bingo card 79 2239
No new posts The "5U Itch" 161 2780
No new posts Cheap guitar effects pedals for my modular ? 26 1099
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Noob(ish) checking for blindspots in build upgrade 1 22
No new posts Common Link Between Cases- DINSE 17 361
No new posts Roland MC-202 CV out 5 144
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: EricaSynths' Techno System, any one have one? 0 28
No new posts [ Poll ] How many VCOs do you have? 163 14656
No new posts Synton Fenix 4 9 524
No new posts [CONTEST] Design a new module and potentially win $2000 36 2081
No new posts Self generating and ideas ? 467 68350
No new posts Orgon Systems (Enigiser and Modular) incl sounds 130 19593
No new posts Ambient Modular fb group Compilation 1 149
No new posts Synthacon filters...which one is the best? 36 3565
No new posts Modular Memes 1378 259574
No new posts Uni-Vibe Phase Shifter? 2 132
No new posts [ Poll ] Interested in a reprint of Allen Strange's Electronic Music? 57 3263
No new posts vocal recordings, orchestral melodies w/ modular? 18 280
No new posts Ring them bells - challenge/knowledge dump/leechfest!!! 23 1797
No new posts Drum Modules Vs. Drum Machine 64 5186
No new posts Catching notes from a sequence and sustaining them 8 234
No new posts Working on this cable hanger design 5 281
No new posts Octatrack and Modular. 11 386
No new posts 'Sound Like' - Nils Fram 16 1186
No new posts Modulation CV input specification 5 198
No new posts Colorblind wigglers? 30 939
No new posts High Quality Audio Cables for 3.5mm to 1/4" 13 289
No new posts What's the difference between a trigger and a gate? 17 9034
No new posts Class notes 101 3740
No new posts Help me find my rhythm! 7 255
No new posts How many VCAs to have in a simple setup? 35 4594
No new posts Tangible Waves AE Modular - new entry-level system 45 4836
No new posts Shipping modular overseas to yourself 5 251
No new posts Michael Hetrick's 'Rotator' in Eurorack? (not RCD) 9 375
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Replacing Ableton with Synthstrom Deluge or Octatrack MK2 1 141
No new posts Videos of people patching from scratch? 75 5405
No new posts Pet Peeve: Panel Color Variation 60 4437
No new posts Live Modular Synth Patching & Chat - Come Patch With Us 4 444
No new posts Looking for very short 3.5mm cable. 1" and 2" wire 7 203
No new posts Best way to randomize within specific parameters 7 369
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Can't update TEMPi with new firmware... 1 9
No new posts Okay so where is all the oberheim SEM love at? 117 17335
No new posts interfacing modular with guitar pedals on the cheap 20 1220
No new posts Changing lanes - inspire me please! 10 443
No new posts Self-oscillating filters - waveforms other than sine? 15 582
No new posts How to leverage a complex oscillator? 1 207
No new posts What’s the most similar thing to Intellijel Metropolis but? 3 434
No new posts (Audio-) Podcasts talking about Modular Synthesizers? 15 4735
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. Any good black friday deals? 3 371
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: adding voltage offset 2 30
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: My sample centered eurorack skiff 0 14
No new posts "OSCILLOSCOPE module"? 26 734
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Magneto stereo out thru Doepfer Wasp filter 4 95
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Scanner on grand designs house of the year 4 111
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Advice on starting my modular journey 20 450
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Fried module and power issue? 7 74
No new posts Paper on grounding 43 1657
No new posts Digital Effects Processor for all formats 28 863
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: 100 posts to post sales?? 1 9
No new posts Velocity Sensitivity on modular? 34 8499
No new posts CV to Midi - Suggestions ? 19 417
No new posts How random is white noise, really, and how do I make it? 29 982
No new posts Glitch/DJ master FX (Pioneer RMX or other) with modular 2 375
No new posts Did you get your copy of Patch & Tweak yet? 40 1676
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: ADDAC802 VCA Quintet Mixing Console-experience/alternatives? 2 45
No new posts Eurorack Coffeemaker 26 1715
No new posts Building a simple BUM-TSCHAK beat. 12 543
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Finalize this instrument 2 65
No new posts Running CV through reverb ? 16 1785
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Tokyo Festival of Modular 0 26
No new posts Zappa, is this a Korg ps3200? 1 324
The selected topics have been moved. Moved: Erica Synths Dual Drive 0 15
No new posts Anyone have experience with the Koma Field Kit and FX? 6 583
No new posts Same voltage different frequency output on osc?? 21 643
No new posts Lemur and modular connectivity 22 2159
No new posts audio from 1/4" jack to CV patch cables 10 325
No new posts Elektor Formant in 2018? 7 459
No new posts High quality recording! (A thinly veiled plea for help) 12 414
No new posts How do you approach starting a patch? The Methods 14 518
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