A guide to Muff's Modules & More for new wigglers.

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A guide to Muff's Modules & More for new wigglers.

Post by sandyb » Sun May 29, 2011 4:49 pm

Welcome to the forum! :party:

Before you dive head-first into the wonderful world of Muff, please take a minute or two to read through this post. It should help answer some of the commonly asked questions that new members have as well as familiarise you with the forum structure and the handful of rules there are here.

WTF! I've signed up and now you say I have to post before I can search :mad:

You may notice that, for a relatively busy and popular forum, we are pretty free of spam. One of the ways we keep those nasty spammer types and bots out is to limit the ability to search to members who have made at least one post.

But don't worry - contributing that first post (in an *appropriate* place) isn't hard!

Make a post saying hello. Maybe tell others why you've ended up here.
There's a thread specifically for this here:

Alternatively, share some of your music.

Or you may even have a question about modular synths etc you want to ask in one of the sub-forums listed in "Forum Areas" below.

If you need help of any sort

Not sure which is the best section to post your thread in?
Can't get a forum feature to work?

First of all check the announcements and forum discussion sections. There are threads there about lots of forum features as well as prior queries from forum members.

Announcements - viewforum.php?f=10
Forum discussion - viewforum.php?f=11

If you don't find what you are looking for there then feel free to get in touch with one of the forum moderators or admins for advice.

Moderators are listed underneath the headings for each forum section. They can be contacted via the PM system.

There are two admins here – Muff Wiggler and sandyb.
The best way to contact admins is via our support email:

Forum Areas

The forum is divided into a number of areas each of which contains various sections.

Site stuff

Announcements – important information about the forum.
Forum + Wiki Discussion and Requests – post comments about or requests for the forum here.

Modular synths

This area is split into 6 sections.

There are 4 sections devoted to particular modular synth formats:
Buchla, EMS and Serge
Fractional Rack – “Frac” for short

Then there are two more general sections:

Modular Synth General Discussion – any threads about systems not covered in the above sections or ones covering multiple formats and general modular techniques.

Play Out! Performance Modulars – discussion on various aspects of using a modular synth live.

Other Music Gear

This area mainly covers non-modular gear.

General Gear
Guitars, Basses, Amps and FX
Music Software
Music Tech DIY – both modular and non-modular
Video Synthesis – both modular and non-modular


This area is a place to discuss music artists, techniques and to post your sounds.

Artist Discussion
Production Techniques
Synth Noise
Your Tunes Here
Artist Challenge 2010


Off-Topic – a place for general conversation.
Members Only.
Gatherings, Events and Meets – synth meets, gigs and other events.

The Market

A place to buy, sell and trade.

There are two sections:

For Sale/Trade
Want To Buy

Please make sure to read the rules for these sections! We will presume you have read and understood the rules for them when you join the forum. Anyone breaking them will likely have the offending post(s) deleted.

The Market rules are here:

Note that users will need at least one post at the forum in order to access the For Sale/Trade and Want To Buy subforums. In order for new users who do not have access to the Market to familiarise themselves with the rules, here they are:
Here are the rules for the "Marketplace" section of this forum.

Please read this post before participating in any Marketplace activities.

Any use of this website for purchasing or selling items signifies your understanding and acceptance of these rules.




Any transactions that take place are solely between the buyer and the seller. Muffwiggler.com and the owners/administrators of this forum are NOT participants in the transaction and can carry or offer NO liability or responsibility should there be problems with the transaction. As with eBay, Craigslist and all other online sales, PLEASE be careful and execute strong judgement.

It sucks when someone is ripped off, but unfortunately there is very little (most likely nothing) the forum management can do to help if you should have problems with a transaction.

By participating here you agree and understand that use of this forum for buy, sell and trade transactions is carried out fully at your own risk.


- Two subforums have been created, 'For Sale/Trade' and 'Want To Buy'

- ANY logged in user with at least ONE post can freely view and reply to topics in either of these subforums.

- ONLY users with 100 posts or more may create threads in the 'For Sale/Trade' subforum. ONLY 'For Sale' and 'For Trade' threads are allowed, any other threads started in this subforum will be deleted.

- ANY logged in user with at least ONE post may create a new thread in the 'Want To Buy' subforum. ONLY 'Want To Buy' posts are allowed, any other threads started in this subforum will be deleted. This subforum IS NOT to be used to TRADE items.


DO NOT try to use the WTB subforum to boost your postcount. List multiple items in one post instead of making multiple posts. Edit your post when your needs change. If it looks like you are abusing the WTB subforum in order to reach 100 posts you risk getting your account deleted.

**If you want to SELL or TRADE something, you need 100 posts at the forum first and you must post your thread in the For sale/trade subforum. Posts mentioning items for trade in the Want to Buy subforum will be deleted without warning.**

If you don't have 100 posts, you'll need to participate in the community a bit more so we will have a chance to get to know something about you before you can do business here. It's not hard. Post about music, gear, your cat, your garden, your favorite band.

If we see someone who has recently reached the 100 post threshold and is starting to create For Sale threads, we will often investigate their post history. If the vast majority are pointless bumping of postcount with single word posts etc, your account will be deleted without warning. You won't be banned, you'll be free to register and try again, but we will simply toast your account.

- NO SELLING ON BEHALF OF OTHERS! For Sale and For Trade posts must be items being sold by the member making the post. No posting items on behalf of your friend or buddy from another forum.

- ALL FOR SALE POSTS MUST INCLUDE A PRICE! If you don't include a price we'll delete your post without warning.

It is ok to state the price you will sell an item for and say that you are open to offers.
It IS NOT ok to just ask for offers. Or to state that you will accept offers over a certain figure. If you do this your thread will be deleted without warning.
If the item(s) are solely FT and you do not want to sell it for cash then inviting trade offers is accepted. Giving people some idea what type of things you are looking to trade for is a good idea.
If the item(s) are FS/FT and you state you are looking for offers, without naming a price that the item is for sale at, it looks very much like you are seeking cash offers and as such your post will be deleted.

- DO NOT START THREADS FOR YOUR ITEM ON EBAY! If you have items on eBay, AND you ALSO have 100 posts or more you may post a link to your items ONCE in the general stickied 'Random eBay Thread'. New threads that link to eBay will be deleted. Posts linking to eBay sales by users with less than 100 posts will be deleted.

- POST IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Do not post 'For Sale', 'For Trade' or 'Want To Buy' threads or posts outside the relevant subforums. They will be deleted.


- If you have over 100 posts at the forum, you MAY list items for sale in your forum signature.

- You MAY list 'Want To Buy' items in your signature regardless of how many posts you have at the forum.

- You CANNOT link to eBay auctions in your signature, regardless of how many posts you have.


- There is an official discussion thread for the Market in the 'Stickies' section of the For Sale/Trade subforum. Use this thread to discuss things in the Market if you need to. Do not start new threads other than For Sale, For Trade or Want to Buy.

- New threads that are not either 'Want To Buy', 'For Sale' or 'For Trade' will be deleted if they are started in the Market's subforums.

- You can bump your 'For Sale' and 'For Trade' threads reasonably, like every few days or once a week or whatever....

You CANNOT bump your 'Want To Buy' posts because you can only have one post at a time in WTB. But.....

ALL users can EDIT AND DELETE their own posts and threads in WTB and FS-FT. So you can delete your WTB post and make a new one.

- The 'Want To Buy' subforum automatically prunes once daily and will remove any thread that has not been replied to within 14 days.

- The 'For Sale/Trade' subforum automatically prunes once daily and will remove any thread that has not been replied to within 30 days.

- If someone is perpetually causing problems by attempting to circumvent or outright disobey these rules, they risk deletion of their account.

- These rules are not negiotiable.

- These rules are apt to change at any time.

- Use of this website for buying, selling or trading constitutes full understanding and acceptance of these rules.

Please be nice. Play fair. Think of the community first.

Dont be a douche.


The Wiki

The muffwiggler wiki contains a load of useful modular synth knowledge that may well help you find the answers to some of your questions.
You can access it via a link at the top of the site (over from the cats) or using this link.


PM system

The PM system here has a great feature in that you will be emailed the content of any PMs you receive. This does mean that it may at times look like your message has not been sent and is stuck in your outbox. This isn't the case.

Read this post for details:


Posting is pretty straightforward
Either use the quick reply box at the bottom of each thread or hit the “post reply” button.



You can upload pictures to the forum using the “upload picture” button in the reply window.


When you click the button a dialogue box will appear allowing you to chosse a file from your computer to upload.


It's best to choose a custom size of around 900 pixels. This will stop a picture being really big and stretching the page too far.

Embedding video/Soundcloud/Bandcamp players

You can embed youtube and Vimeo videos onto the forum and Soundcloud players too.

The buttons to do this are in the reply box


You do not need to use the embed code that youtube/Vimeo/Soundcloud provide – they don't work here.
Instead, simply highlight the video/Soundcloud URL and then hit the relevant button.
The Bandcamp embed works slightly differently and does use one of their embed codes. Hit the "Bandcamp" button and you'll see the relevant instructions.

Note that the Soundcloud embedding doesn't like really long urls and may not work properly in this case – it will give a blank player

General posting rules

Please don't make multiple identical posts or cross-post things.
It makes the forum a mess and can get very confusing when people reply to two different but identical threads. If you're not sure where to put a thread or think you may have posted one in the wrong section just contact a moderator and they will be able to move it to the appropriate place for you.

Please do not upload or post links to downloads of copyrighted material – music, books, articles etc..
If you're not sure whether it is ok to post something or not please contact one of the admins for advice.

No threats of violence.

No bigotry or intolerance of race, age, sexual preference etc..

No politics.

The Search Function

It's always a good idea to do a search before starting a new thread. Many questions get asked on a regular basis and there may already be a number of threads with the information you are looking for.

The search function in phpbb (which is the software this forum runs on) isn't the best in the world.

If you are looking for something here are a few general tips:

Always use the advanced search engine.
Limit your search to a specific section e.g. Eurorack or Artist Discussion.
If you are looking for general threads on a topic choose the “Search topic title only.”
If you are looking for a specific post use the “Search message text only.”

You can also search the forum using Google:

“search term” site:muffwiggler.com

where “search term” is what you are looking for.

Bye for now :)

So, that's it.

We look forward to reading your posts and your contribution to the community here.

Have fun and watch your bank account once the modular addiction takes hold!
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Post by ignatius » Sun May 17, 2015 4:12 pm


see this thread regarding warnings/infractions

https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewt ... p?t=138462

users who break the rules will be warned and the thread/post will be edited to reflect the user has been warned.

***if the user does not change behavior to be in line w/the rules and continues to break the rules that user will be have his/her account suspended after 3 warnings/infractions. The suspension will last for 90 days.

when the suspension ends and the person comes back to the forum if he/she continues to break the rules and commit same offense then that user may be suspended again for 90 days or more or banned permanently depending on the circumstances

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Post by Kent » Tue Sep 03, 2019 4:25 am

It is not allowed to edit, alter, change or delete one's post IN A MANNER THAT CHANGES THE ORIGINAL CONTEXT.

After an initial warning, editing privileges shall be removed.

Editing is simply to correct small mistakes or make corrections to outright fallacies that should be corrected early on in the course of a thread that someone may be reading months or years from the date of original posting.

If you feel that you are in error or embarrassed by something that you wrote, just add that in and you will be accepted like the rest of us: a fallible human being.


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