Anyone want an STG Soundlabs Oscillator?

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Anyone want an STG Soundlabs Oscillator?

Post by suitandtieguy » Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:17 am


It's been a long time since I made a frac module but I had a couple of private requests for my VCO in the format, and to do this I have to buy a very short run of panels, which means I could offer this as a very limited edition module for my frac friends out there.

Let me explain this kind of weird layout ...

The eurorack VCO is too wide and too tall for a 1FU panel, but i can cut a bit off the bottom of the front panel PCB to make it fit, then put the output jacks in a column next to the controls and inputs. My VCO board has a courtesy pad on it for a direct output for the drift generator, which is itself a fantastic and completely unique random generator.

Then since we have a bit of room left over, I can add a pulse waveshaper using my .COM PCB, whose input would be normalised to the sawtooth waveform, but you could interrupt if you want to drive the pulse convertor from something else.

This all makes for a pretty full-featured VCO. The only thing missing is a sine shaper, but saw core VCOs aren't really good at those anyway.

Both of these modules have both eurorack and power headers, so i can just jumper their euro headers together and include a>MOTM/frac power cable.

I'm going to try to get laser-cut/laser-etched aluminum panels for this made. going with Metalphoto on this is not feasible unless there are 30 people interested in this, and I find that unlikely.

The price for this would be $500 US and lead time would be 2 months, I will have to get a test panel made for this, build it, see if it fits in a frac rack, then get the panels made for real, then build them.

Here's what the module would look like:


If you're interested in this, post a reply and I'll collect names and PM you privately. I ask that you reply so that other users can see wether there actually is interest in this or not. Also let me know if you want black or purple knobs. One of the guys who requested this thinks it would look better with purple knobs.

Thank you guys so much and keep fracking!
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Re: Anyone want an STG Soundlabs Oscillator?

Post by mamonu » Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:20 am

* I am in *

a great new osc + another module on the side ... :sb: integrated. what is not to like.
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Re: Anyone want an STG Soundlabs Oscillator?

Post by thee ghost ov n_phay » Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:19 am

I'm in for 2 of these Eric. Let me know when you ne a ofdeposit.

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