Verbos ATC as LPG?

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Post by Tumulishroomaroom » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:55 pm

vytis wrote:
Tumulishroomaroom wrote: If anyone interested here's the result of this experiment :

The ATC is last in the modular chain. I'm really in love with the sound of that filter !
I love your sound! Thanks for sharing this! :tu: :bananaguitar: :bananaguitar: :bananaguitar: :tu:
Thanks a lot, really glad you liked it ! :hyper:

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Re: Verbos ATC as LPG?

Post by minipusice » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:54 am

The key to finding out what ATC can do is to explore different settings and controlling its inputs with various modulators. Getting a classic LPG - bongo response - from it can be achieved by running a fast envelope pulse - ideally from the fastest exponential envelope you've got - into both exp cv input (knob turned all the way up) and freq cv input (knob turned all the way up) . For example, a Maths or a Grand Terminal rise/fall env works fine for this application.
Now, there are few important things to know: 1. the fall aspect of the expo envelope should be short, but not too short; 2. the amplitude knob on your ATC should be at about 9 oclock if you want to get a longer decay out of your bongos, so play with a bit; 3. With resonance knob on the ATC all the way down, set the cutoff knob to about 10 o'clock to start, but wiggle with it a bit until you achieve the tone; 4. The Freq cv knob should also be fiddled with for a different tonal / EQ qualities. 5. The resonance knob is also your friend for achieving more top end, but be careful to dose it in slightly because you generally don't want too much for the classic LPG sound.; 6. Having a good complex oscillator feeding the LPG is also the part of the sound you hear on recordings. I really love the Furthrrr analog core for the softer, analog (more of a 259-ish, vintage voiced, woody flavor) and digital core (for a harsher, liquid tone).

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