*video* Multi-tracked eurorack Monome/Max: COUNTERSPIN

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*video* Multi-tracked eurorack Monome/Max: COUNTERSPIN

Post by rutabaga40 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:28 pm


This is a composition that I first started last year, based on two Max patches: Electric Dharma Wheels and Polygome. I have reimagined that piece and recorded several different parts on a couple eurorack systems (I have access to one at work and a system at home) and on a DSI OB6…and also on my little travel Eurorack when I was at my parent’s home for Thanksgiving. :)

The Max patch Electric Dharma Wheels is programmed to fire off a note every time a wheel on the Arc4 crosses 12 O’clock. Additionally, you can define multiple notes and give each one a probability. The patch is playing four voices on the eurorack (Cwejman, Cloud Generator, Braids, and Modcan Triple Osc). You hear this as the ambient ‘tone’ that starts the track and then comes in and out throughout. The whole thing goes through a Cwejman MMF2 and Intellijel Rainmaker.

I did two percussion patches. The first one is based on MI Grids in Euclidean mode. It plays a combo of some percussion modules and also some noise-based synth voices…like a BLD, and an Audio Damage Neuron. The second patch is from a Circadian Rhythms, also playing a mix of drum modules and noise sources. There was a Jomox Modbase in there as well. Always such a SOLID low end!

Now we come to the real meat of the meal. Polygome is another clever Max patch by Stretta. I programmed a few arpeggiation patterns. Monome Grids then plays these patterns, starting on whatever note you select, so you can get some fun poly-rhythms and harmonic things going on. I set up a dumby soft synth and recorded a one-take improvisation that I captured as midi.

I then spit that midi track out to the trusty OB6, and recorded a take with all the generated notes firing, as is. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 notes playing at a time.

Then I divided that dense midi track into two mono tracks. A lead and a bass.

The lead is played by an Atlantis through the Rainmaker. It comes in at :55.

The bass also comes in at :55, and is the Atlantis again, but with a Dixie II for more of a dual oscillator ‘Moog’ sound.

I did a fair amount of editing of the percussion tracks (including the use of Audio Damage Replicant doing some randomizing), but other than that, not much was done effects wise in the box. So 98% of what your hearing is just as things came off the synths.

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Post by Nofrenchtests » Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:18 pm

Beautiful work dude.

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