how are you sequencing all of your voices?

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Post by xthrasherx » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:37 am

Still working on figuring out how I want to sequence things, but currently I'm using the Octatrack and FH-1 for most melodic parts in combination with some eurorack sequencers for percussion and probability based events. I also have a few turing machine options, but I'm not using them to their fullest at the moment. The biggest thing I've noticed is I have yet to find one sequencer that works for everything I want to do and likely never will. There are a few other sequencers I'd like to try out, but ultimately I'd rather not give up space in the case :deadbanana:
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Post by cptnal » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:01 am

Having dispensed with the last vestige of a sequencer from my rack, of course I found myself needing a predictable four note sequence. So I improvised one with four offsets and a sequential switch. :party:

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Post by Benoua » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:13 am

i use hermod

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Post by CF3 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:50 am

Currently Cirklon, but I have, and will use all different stuff including, Numerolgy, various MPC’s, Ableton (w PUSH), you name it. I prefer to keep the sequencing out of the “rack” and save the space for more voices. Would like to try the Koma Komplex and the upcoming Five12 Vector.

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Post by LowOver » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:31 pm

Nerdseq for "exact"stuff and whats go over the 16steps
Turing machine mk 1 mostly in the sonic potions penrose (nice DIY)

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Post by worra » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:08 pm

Rene, µO_c (mostly Sequins), and a Digitakt plugged into Yarns.

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Post by Melawati » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:09 pm

Beatstep for rhythmic stuff, ER-101 if I want to be exact, turing machine if I'm feeling random. And mixers, clock dividers, offsets and switches....

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Post by Koryo » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:41 pm

borris_yeltzun wrote:Synthstrom Deluge + 2 x Polyend Poly midi Module for 16 channels of cv/gate
Winner winner chicken dinner. This combo is what I was looking for.

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Post by Tumulishroomaroom » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:42 am

So far I used Voltage Block but mostly for modulation or very simple melodies. I wanted more control though so I just bought an ER-101 which I view like an extra precise and powerful VB. I'm keeping both though.

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Post by pzoot » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:31 am

Numerology + polyend Poly here. I run 8 numerology instances as plug ins ahead of a hardware output device in a Bitwig template, so can also just deactivate a numerology plug in and do more traditional piano roll editing or polyphonic midi recording on the track. Use two launchpad minis with it. Very smooth and powerful workflow.

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Post by Dragonaut » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:59 am

Not particularly psyched about learning how to sequence euro style I went with the Expert Sleepers and Ableton/Push combo. However, I find I like a lot of the pseudo random stuff some people come up with in euro so I've started emulating it with automation, haha. (IDM, Ambient, Bass, Downtempo) (synths, hikes, and views.)

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Post by bobdylan » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:50 pm

I have a fairly small system (although it doesn't feel small in practice :goo: ) and I generally have 2-3 voices happening simultaneously. I've been trying to find ways of controlling all of the voices with one keystep and still have them doing different things that work musically together.

So I send the pitch of an arpeggiating sequence out of the keystep to 2 oscillators (lately been using rings and braids how original) and the gate out into my a euclidean patterns generator on my disting, and the two gate outs of that to the trigs of my envelope generators. So each oscillator will emphasize different notes in the sequence (and sometimes play in unison) which is very pleasing to my ears. It sounds like multiple intertwined sequences all coming from one simple arp. And then as I change chords on the keystep, the whole system follows.

I want to elaborate on this further as I'm building my rack to be my ELII (an expressive live improvisational instrument TM) And so I'm going to start implementing analog shift register to further differentiate the two voices while still keeping them musically related. Even further I might implement the performance quantizer from Instruo with midi in to get some random harmonies in there but still need to work out the midi kinks... Not sure if this works in practice or not...

Hocketing is the word I'm looking for.
experimental and ambient pop made w/ euro, er 301, mpc 1000, op-1 and other goodies!

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Post by pzoot » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:42 pm

Dragonaut wrote:Not particularly psyched about learning how to sequence euro style I went with the Expert Sleepers and Ableton/Push combo. However, I find I like a lot of the pseudo random stuff some people come up with in euro so I've started emulating it with automation, haha.
You should demo numerology (if on Mac). It’s like the most flexible euro sequencer on steroids. And you can save and reuse complex patches. For example, you drag in a mono sequencer, set up a sequence (or just hit Generate to start from a random one in the selected genre), then right click on any number of elements to Add Modulation (eg step sequences, lfos, etc) to them ...modulate sequence length, the pitch of one or more steps (in key and scale), number of ratchets, number of divides, speed, etc. you can program three buttons to evolve the sequencer based on rules and probabilities. You can record sequences from midi keyboards. Use another sequencer to transpose the sequence in or out of key. Set hard resets. Etc etc etc. and it’s SO easy. it’s got the best features of every euro sequencer plus it’s own. Add a $100 (if new) launchpad mini and you have a controller.

Yes I’m a huge fanboy. But if you’re already using ableton and ES3, I feel a responsibility to tell you this :)

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Post by mackster » Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:26 pm

Another SE Engine user here. Took me a while to get used to it, but it’s been worth it. I love that it can do cv/midi and din sync at the same time and it has a superb arp.

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Post by bedhed3000 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:30 pm

Crazy8 Beats?

I'm curious about using this as a "master" sequencer. Looks amazing for drums, but I'm questioning it's ability to also sequence melodies - mainly because all of the demos use it exclusively for drums. It has 8 trigger outs as well as 8 CV outs, so it seems almost like a more compact BSP with more CV channels, plus you can euro-rack it without any modification.

Anyone use this yet?

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Post by Hidden_Path » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:34 pm

FLXS1/Harmonaig for melodic and harmonic voices, Varigate 4+/Voltage Block for percussion.

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Post by dirtbudda » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:04 pm

Stillson Hammer and a Varigate 4+ user here. It's working for me so far but I'm working on learning Ableton Live again (Yawn) then I will move on to the expert sleepers. The software side is a little intimadating to me but hopefully with a little help from the good people on this board it will be smooth sailing. :beer:

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Post by Monotremata » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:19 pm

Silent Way or Reaktor Blocks from Logic (good thing Ive been a MOTU interface fan for years), or the good old trusty SQ-1 (on its own if just jamming, or clocked over MIDI with Logic if Im recording a track).

That Baby 4017 sequencer looks pretty cool though! Even though I already have the SQ-1, I kinda wanna build one still just to see if I can do it hehe.
I don't see it has a gate though? Adding em is way over my head haha. Still might come in handy as just a CV sequencer I can use on my filters or wave folder or something, when the SQ-1 is all taken up.
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Post by Ears » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:29 pm

Xtheunknown wrote:I use Reaktor Blocks through an expanded ES-8 (ES-3) with TouchOSC for interactive control. It’s massively powerful, extensible and customizable. 16 channels of polyrhythmic bliss....
Well my own version. Yes it's sorta cheating.
I'm too old to care.

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Re: how are you sequencing all of your voices?

Post by StoneAgeOfTheFuture » Tue Jun 05, 2018 4:36 pm

jburzy wrote:like the title says, how is everyone sequencing all of their voices?

I am building a system and want to make tracks with up to 4 melodic voices sequenced simultaneously.
This is coming out later this year. I think it will solve your problems.

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Post by CMOSCrash » Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:31 pm

I use 2 Division6 dual 16-step sequencers and a Turing Machine.

The Division6 sequencer PCB/panel/microcontroller bundle is $35. All in, you're looking at 50-60 USD for a neat 2-channel, chain-able sequencer with accent and slide assignable per step. The build is moderately easy for a first timer and doesn't require much calibration beyond checking voltage with a cheap DMM.

One neat way to 'sequence' melodies without a dedicated sequencer is by using something like Maths, 2 LFOs through a mixer, some types of ADSRs, etc - pretty much anything that can take a 'reset' trigger from an external source, like a divider pulsing on every 2 or 4 bars. Those slow, periodic voltages are actually really similar to the contours of classical melodic lines. Feed them into a quantizer that accepts gates (again, from a clock divider) and you're golden.

I use a Barton DNQ quantizer and I'm building a cLee 8-channel quantizer.

Happy patching!

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Post by SunSpots » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:15 pm

Polyend SEQ/poly

Don't give a rip about "crazy modular sequencing" anymore, because frankly it about adds up to the same thing I can program myself but make it sound way more appealing to my target audience.

the SEQ is bomb. Eloquencer was impressive but I sold it for SEQ.
Def going to save up for that numerology euro sequencer plus expander, because frankly... 2 or 3 lines per voice is actually pretty dope.

If you have a sequencer with 1 channel per voice, with maybe one modulation source, I think you'll be short changing your music. I like to have MANY sequenced modulation lines (automation lines) per voice... but sometimes too many is too many. SO i feel like 3 or 4 is a good stopping point where I have the potential to sound as crazy as I like, and still be digestible to people listening.

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Post by stylesforfree » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:01 pm

With sequencers

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Post by Abyssinianloop » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:20 pm

stylesforfree wrote:With sequencers
-10 postcount


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Post by magnetsandlasers » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:47 pm

Mostly Rene for performance-type control and variation
Noise or modulation source > attenuator > sample and hold > quantizer
Wogglebug > quantizer
Mother 32 has her own sequencer, so that for her

Everything clocked with a variety of rhythm sources: straight clock divisions & multiplications, shifted patterns from Tempi, gate outputs from Rene, Grids main or accent outputs, Maths EOR & EOC, whatever else I can find that will spit out some kind of gate or trigger.

3. Profit!!! :cloud:

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