cheap case now rast is no more?

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cheap case now rast is no more?

Post by PhineasFreak » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:24 am

is there any reaso why i cant house modules in a setup using the following: ... 0005.m1851

£45 x1 = £45 £40 x3 or 4 = £120 £70 x2 = £140

45 + 120 + 140 = £305 for 12U x 84HP with power...


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Post by Rigo » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:25 am

Gives you one more row than a Doepfer LC9 for about the same price ... but would you leave the backs of the modules exposed to the outside world ?

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Post by windspirit » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:52 am

Yeah that would be fine for in a studio but I personally wouldnt want to gig with something.that had the back exposed like that.

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Re: cheap case now rast is no more?

Post by Joe. » Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:33 am

PhineasFreak wrote: £70 x2 = £140
You're definitely better off investing in a larger power system.

DC converters like the uZues are great for small systems (the HEK is the perfect example) where it's just a few modules and noise isn't a concern. Once people start pushing the amount of modules they're powering they start reporting problems, multiple strained supplies will only make those problems worse.

I'd rather mount the rails in an ABS Instrument case (pelican or generic brand), a suitcase, or save a little more for an ABS flight case for 9-12ru of gear. If you're going to be travelling then the case is an investment :tu:

Check out the DIY cases's thread in the DIY section, lots of cheap solutions to portable systems in there 8-)

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Post by DJ_JITTER » Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:43 am

For a more robust option, if a bit pricier: ... k_case.htm

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Post by Chopper » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:49 am


i myself use a couple of those. currently on brackets on my wall above my setup. Solid, cheap and practical, also played live with it a few time, threw it at the back of vans and so on. couple of uzeus per box. synthrack's frames and off you go. yes , a tiny weeny bit more expensive, but come on.... the price difference is like a passive attenuator or something....

edit: ah, DJ_JITTER was on a close equivalent already :)

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