new Model D, K2, Neutron and Pro One 20HP EXPANSION

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new Model D, K2, Neutron and Pro One 20HP EXPANSION

Post by Schanke » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:50 am

Model D, K2, Neutron and Pro One EXPANSION
-------powered 20HP Case -------

Hi everyone, we are wrapping our heads around a new idea at the moment and
we are wondering if there are any interests in this:
Almost one year ago we started a little 20hp expansion DIY case for the Moog Mother and DFAM format, paired with the Familiytool Module wich is an attenuated passive A/B Switch + passive Mult. We even managed to make a little but strong PSU for the expansion so you are able to add up to 3 (or even More) eurorack modules next to your Mother or DFAM without buying a whole new Case, keeping the idea of a standalone Instrument.

———> meanwhile all these beautiful Behringer synths the Model D, K2, Neutron and Pro One came out, are people interested in a similar :banana: powered Case 20HP EXPANSION :nana: :banana: next to their Behringer synth to add euro modules next to them. <—————

give us a hint and comment below if you guys are interested in a family case in a Behringerish Format.
If you are interested check out what we allready did :

Btw. we also did publish super cool DFAM Patch notes over the last 5 weeks,
as we strongly believe in the incredible creative possibilities of this Instrument playing wise:


P.S. the image below is aPSmontage. :party:


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