Make pads with chord v2

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Make pads with chord v2

Post by Wookiee_eu » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:29 am

Hi all.
New to the modulator world (1year)but have experience with synth principles. I have been intensively reading, watching materials on the vast subject (Noob sections of this forum) but still have questions on executing some patches.
For context i am including a link to a YouTube video.

The guy goes in details as to how some modules are patched but doesn’t go in details on how the pads are made.

I understand looking at it he utilises chord v1(qu bit) along with modules like streams, 2hp lfo etc..

What i would like to understand though is if someone watched the video from 3:16mins onwards, how can chord be patched to come and go smoothly and be muted when he wants.

Your inputs would be much appreciated!
Please don’t roast me !

Thank you

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Re: Make pads with chord v2

Post by jkjelec » Thu Jan 30, 2020 5:03 pm

Wow, what nice music there at 3:16! I think that there is no muting of the Chord Module's output, but in this case the waveform CV of the Chord is being swept/controlled by an envelope generator that is triggered whenever the chord changes. The waveform CV controls which waveform is sounding, and in this case the Chord module has a resonant filter sweep waveform. Thus, the effect is that the filter cutoff frequency of all of the notes of the chord are being slowly swept, from the point where it sounds like they are just sine waves (the filter cutoff is very low), up to a point where the waveforms have lots of juicy harmonics.
The output of the Chord module could also have it's volume be controlled over time easily, by putting it through a VCA that is controlled by an envelope generator that is also triggered whenever the chord changes.

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