power issue causing module to not function properly

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power issue causing module to not function properly

Post by ThriceGood » Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:47 am


I have an Eowave case powered by an Eowave Source D'Energie. I recently bought a Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Kb-1 and installed it in my case. When I powered it own it seemed like the Kb-1 had some firmware issues preventing it from working properly so I thought I needed to re-install the firmware. While waiting for Pittsburgh Modular support to return contact I started debugging a bit. I have a 4ms Pod and decided I would install the Kb-1 into the Pod to see if the issue could possible be related to power. After powering it up I found that the Kb-1 in-fact works perfectly in the pod! Weird.Then I plugged the Eowave power supply into the wall and powered it on. The Kb-1 then goes back to its broken behavior. I power down the Eowave and power cycle the Pod and the Kb-1 is working again. So it seems that whenever the Kb-1 is being powered from a socket/supply on the same circuit of my Eowave it stops working. If I power them on, one upstairs and one downstairs (different circuits), I find that they work fine.

I have no idea how power/electricity works and would greatly appreciate if someone has some insight into this issue.


p.s. No other modules in the case seem to be affected, although my Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix oscillator previously broke in this case. I have to send it to Pittsburgh to get fixed, and now a couple of days ago it broke again. So I am now very suspicious of my power supply.

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Re: power issue causing module to not function properly

Post by Biom » Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:40 pm

Used to have similar problems too.
Does your power adapter have a proper ground and not a floating ground? That was particarly my fix that worked.

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Re: power issue causing module to not function properly

Post by StillNotWorking » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:36 am

Does the 3 LED on Eowave Source D'Energie light up as normal?
Are any of them much dimmer with modules connectet than whitout?

Have someone measure voltage on all three terminals to check if you have +12V/-12V/5V with modules connected.

Usually these PSU's with external power adapter are double isolated, not needing ground wire on the mains. At least in most of EU that is.

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