Noob Power Setup Question (FC Microbuses)

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Noob Power Setup Question (FC Microbuses)

Post by JeebsFat » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:13 am

I have two Frequency Central Microbus Power Supplies ( setup in my small rack. These each take 12VAC/1.0A and I have them powered by a single 12V AC/AC 2.0A wallwart (this, but 2.0A ... tEQAvD_BwE). I've gotten a bunch of high-power-draw modules, so I'm adding two more Microbus power supplies for a total of four. I don't want to double up the wallwarts, so I'm looking for a clean, mount inside my case solution to transform 120VAC => 12VAC/~4.0A.

Can I use this transformer (120VAC => 12VAC/5.0A/60W ... 882&sr=8-7) It's cheap and will show up tomorrow!

Do I need in-line fuses to each of the Microbus boards? What rating? 1.0A? 1.25A?

Is there something different you would recommend?

The Frequency Central boards are fine, but I probably should have gone with a larger standard power solution in general to start with, but now I feel like I am knee deep in the sunk cost fallacy, digging my way out.

Thanks for any help! I appreciate your time!

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